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Milestone launches XProtect Express

Two weeks ago at the Milestone Integration Partner conference in Copenhagen (which they like to call MIPS), Milestone announced the launch of an addition to its XProtect video management software suite. It’s called Xprotect Express and it’s positioned in-between Milestone’s entry-level product XProtect Essential and the more advanced XProtect Professional. We think Milestone are spot on introducing a product that bridges a gap that was too wide.

With a base license (including 2 camera licenses) available from just £129 / €149 and additional camera licenses at just £64 / €74 each, Xprotect Express offers an affordable CCTV surveillance platform that goes beyond the limitations of XProtect Essential but does not have the price tag of XProtect Professional.

So, what does XProtect Express give you?

In a nutshell, there are thee key features that make XProtect Express attractive:

1. Express allows you to connect up to 48 cameras, whilst Essential is restricted to 26 and Professional jumps to 64. So it caters perfectly for mid-sized CCTV installations.

2. It allows you to archive recordings to a NAS. In our view, this is the most beneficial differentiator, compared to Xprotect Essential, of all. With NAS storage capability, XProtect Express provides virtually unlimited archiving of footage whilst the server is spared the load of handling all recorded material. Plus, recordings can be kept more securely. Previously, one would have had to jump up to the costly XProtect Professional to achieve this. Now XProtect Express provides this cricital capability.

3. Multi-channel audio support: XProtect Express offers audio support for all 48 video channels, whilst Milestone’s XProtect Essential product is limited to just 1 audio channel, which, to be honest, is pretty useless in our view. Express offers a significant benefit in this respect.

Like any other Milestone software product, Xprotect Express benefits from the Open Platform philosophy with support for over 1,000 IP cameras and video encoders from over 100 different manufacturers, meaning you have the widest possible choice regarding camera deployment, new or existing.

As Milestone Platinum Partners, we offer free technical support when buying from our specialist IP Camera Store, whilst installation and commissioning of the software on site is available if you want to ensure your installation will be correctly configured and fully optimised.

XProtect Express is good news for small businesses. It is advanced yet very affordable. We give it a thumbs up.

Published on October 1st, 2011 by David

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