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Top 5 HD IP Cameras (Summer 2011)

axis m3014

There are hundreds of IP cameras currently on the market, and with the move to HD there has never been more choice and variation when deciding on a surveillance solution. To help you with your choice, we’ve put together a short guide to the best HD security cameras currently available, based on the bestselling models on Network Webcams store (as of Summer 2011). You’ll find a list below of our top selling HD models, along with a few reasons why we think these cameras are the ones our customers choose most often.

All cameras are capable of minimum HD 720p output.

5. Axis M1054 (£265 / €304,75 / $399)

For a camera with a near-budget price tag, Axis provides a few features in the M1054 that might also appeal to the mid-range crowd, such as two-way audio, an infrared-sensitive sensor and bright, White LED, and Power over Ethernet. Its wide angle of view makes it useful to a wide variety of applications, proving very popular for use in office buildings. When you combine that with an out-of-the-box recording solution in the shape of Axis Camera Station and an unobtrusive design ideal for corner-mounting, it’s clear why this is one of our best-selling cameras.

4. Axis M3014 (£335 / €385,25 / $499)

When installed in a ceiling, the Axis M3014 protrudes less than 3 cm. It also measures just 10 cm in diameter. With this kind of discreet appearance making it ideal for hotels, restaurants and bars, its bestseller status is unsurprising. The M3014 has a number of other features that make it attractive at this price point, including H.264 compression to reduce demands on your network resources while maintaining image quality, and progressive scan, removing motion blur from fast-moving footage. Also included in the price is a PoE midspan, providing network connectivity and power out of the box.

3. Sony SNC-DH110 (£279 / €320,85 / $365)

Sony cameras almost always deliver exceptional video quality in their price bracket and the SNC-DH110 is no exception. Similar to the M3014 in size and compactness, it’s a compact fixed dome camera capable of delivering video that is detailed enough for applications such as facial identification. It also features Sony’s DEPA video analytics technology, allowing you to set user-defined parameters for triggering the activation of alarms and/or recording, making it a versatile all-rounder suitable for a wide variety of indoor locations.

2. Sony SNC-CH110 (£257 / €295,55 / $365)

The most noticeable feature of the Sony SNC-CH110 is its svelte bullet-style design variant on the SNC-DH110 and sports a competitive compact form factor. In areas such as hotels and bars, where a surveillance presence is required without appearing overbearing, the SNC-CH110 should be a popular choice, and with its borderline budget pricing and easy-to-install Power over Ethernet capability, it’s a cost-effective HD solution that can meet demanding requirements.

1. Axis M3204(-V) (£334 / €384,10 / $499)

From this list it’s clear that Axis has really found the sweet spot when it comes to high-definition IP. The M3204 and its vandal-resistant cousin, the M3204-V, is the most perfectly executed camera in an overall strong HD range. Its no nonsense approach to delivering a HD image makes it an ideal cost-effective solution for stable-light environments, making it extremely popular with the education sector and office environments. With its compact, discreet dome design and robust casing, the M3204 is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Power over Ethernet and a vandal-resistant and IP66-rated casing on the ‘V’ model for negligible additional cost rounds off a very impressive camera for its price bracket.

Published on June 28th, 2011 by Kevin Bowyer

2 Responses to “Top 5 HD IP Cameras (Summer 2011)”

  1. CCTV Sutton Coldfield says:

    Oh, those are fantastic, I am sure these will come in useful in the future for me!!

    CCTV Sutton Coldfield

  2. Michael Ashby says:

    I love HD security cameras available in different modes with multidisciplinary functionality. I think these will give new dimension and definition to IP and this IP based security service systems.