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New range from Merit LILIN

Logo of Merit LILINFollowing a satisfying and informative trip to Birmingham for the IFSEC Global Annual Security Event from 15th-19th May 2011, NW Systems Group is pleased to report that Merit LILIN has innovated a brand new range of products, including Day/Night functional cameras, Wide Dynamic Mini Domes and H.264 D1 Digital Video Recorders.

With 24 hour security of paramount importance in some installation areas, day/night functional infrared HD cameras are always in demand. The latest of these in the LILIN range is the IPG-012 series. With the dual streaming of H.264 and MJPEG streams possible, users can drastically save storage costs. An Auto White Balance function ensures that users get the very best out of their HD camera.

A true day/night solution is provided by the IR cut filter allowing users to schedule a switch to night view, or just let the camera do it for them. Although it is powered through a local 12Vdc, the setup process can be simplified with a lower wiring cost through Power over Ethernet (power and network connectivity through just one cable. 2-way audio allows users to communicate with the environment and listen in. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliancy makes this series able to work in conjunction with other ONVIF IP network products.

There is a new product in the IPR series of infrared cameras. The IPR-614 offers illumination distances of 25 or 30m in dark conditions, with the image quality not affected. A choice of lenses is available – 4.3mm, 6mm or 8mm – with IR corrected ED glass ensuring that the focus does not shift when the infrared LEDs activate. With an IP66 rating, the casing can endure all conditions. Again, the product can be powered by Power over Ethernet, or a 24Vac power supply.

Footage can be streamed to a PC, laptop, TV monitor or smart phone, but if live viewing isn’t part of the agenda, then the range of network video recorders on offer from LILIN will come in useful. A wide range of IP cameras are supported, with easy access to footage playback via a front panel, with easy video export and DVD burning. Video recorders are available with multiple channels (4 to 64, depending on the model) with a storage facility of up to 32 TB. Recorded images can range from anywhere between D1 and 10 megapixels, depending on the camera used.

There are also compact, desktop video recorders available, with 16, 24, or 32 over five hard disk trays. For flexible placement solution, rack mount recorders are also on offer. In addition to the wide selection of video recorders, LILIN have made available a range capable of streaming footage in H.264 format, a very bandwidth-efficient compression format. Last but not least, new Wide Dynamic Mini Dome cameras are to be released, featuring a multitude of useful features.

The new CMR-2186X3.6P (varifocal) and CMR-2182 models feature 2 dimensional noise reduction, providing a clearer image, while Peak White Conversion will prevent a loss of image integrity in the event of bright light suddenly emerging – for example, car headlights obscuring a numberplate – by blocking white light over a certain threshold of brightness. Another new Mini Dome (the CMD-07) is classed as “Wide Dynamic”, meaning that image quality is optimal in all lighting conditions by simultaneously capturing areas of shadow and bright light.

A range of LILIN IP cameras are available from Network Webcams.

Published on May 24th, 2011 by Kevin Bowyer

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