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SecurityStation gets new features

SecurityStation, NW System Group’s Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) product has been updated with new features over the last few weeks. With plug and play becoming ever more popular, a selection of Axis Cameras are now functional through plug and play in SecurityStation.

Digital pan/tilt/zoom (DPTZ) for Axis IP cameras and wireless support for Panasonic cameras now also exist, plus a few additional features and fixes, SecurityStation can handle more and more cameras from these major manufacturers and sports a growing set of must-have features.

The plug and play process makes setting cameras up a very easy process and DPTZ is a tool which sets IP cameras apart from their analog predecessors. Now SecurityStation offers users of the following Axis cameras the ability to cover their territory more effectively than ever before – with more to follow:

Axis P3343
Axis P3343-V
Axis P3343-VE
Axis P3344
Axis P3344-V
Axis P3344-VE
Axis P1343
Axis P1343-E
Axis M3014

And there’s more good news for users of Panasonic cameras, the BL-C230 and the BL-C121 are now supported wirelessly in SecurityStation.

This is especially useful for people who need flexibility as to where they put their cameras.

There is also a new “Test Access” feature which gives users the ability to immediately test the camera’s online status. This makes installation even easier.

Ultimately, the future looks bright for SecurityStation, and there will be many more developments in the near future. At NW, It is our aim to make sure that absolutely everyone can use IP cameras with the greatest of ease.

Published on April 8th, 2011 by Kevin Bowyer

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