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Mobotix releases another hemispheric camera – the M24M-SEC-D11

Mobotix hemispheric camera - M24M-SEC-D11Not content with only having one hemispheric IP camera on the market, Mobotix have released their second 180° (or 360° depending on your angle) high resolution camera – the M24M-SEC-D11.

The M24M range features a wall-mountable, IP66-rated casing with 2-way audio and internal 4Gb microSD card for recording video without any external equipment. Additionally, the D11 features Mobotix’ 11mm wide-angle lens which can capture a full 180° panoramic vision, ideal for monitoring wide open spaces, covering all blind spots.

One drawback common to IP cameras with viewing angles greater than 90° is that the higher the angle covered, the more distorted and squashed the image looks. However, the M24M features Mobotix’ advanced perspective correction software which adjusts the raw images from the camera so that straight edges appear straight.

The PTZ system is also very effective, allowing you to pan in and move around the scene as if you were using a mechanical PTZ camera. Additionally, quad and panoramic views can be set up to only display the angles you need to monitor.

The combination of panoramic view, advanced recording software and outdoor capabilities makes the M24M-SEC-D11 a powerful tool for security surveillance. For more information on the camera, visit our Mobotix M24M-SEC-D11 store page.

Published on June 29th, 2010 by James Drinkwater

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