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Sony’s latest VMS software, Realshot Manager Advanced offers client/server configuration for large enterprise solutions

Sony Realshot Manager AdvancedRealshot Manager Advanced (IMZ-NS100 series) is the latest Video Management Software (VMS) from Sony which turns a Windows-based PC/Server into a professional video surveillance application giving live image monitoring, recording and playback.

The software starts with a 1-channel license for small business use but can be extended up to 512 cameras with multiple recording servers for large-scale enterprise solutions.

This latest version offers a number of updates over the previous version (Realshot Manager V4.0). These include:

  • Client/Server setup: The software can be used as a single server solution for up to 32 cameras for small-medium sized applications or for multi-site, enterprise solutions it can be extended up to 32 recording servers serving a total of 512 cameras.
  • Open platform: The software is not tied to Sony IP video devices allowing integration of Axis and IQeye products as well as Sony’s full IP video range.
  • High resolution recording: Sony Realshot Manager Advanced supports recording in HD/megapixel resolutions.
  • Easy to use: The interface has been redesigned for ease of use with wizard-based setup tools for camera configuration/recording and drag and drop features.
  • Reliability: With improved reliability the IMZ-100 series is a robust platform for small businesses up to large multi-site applications.
  • Light funnel support: New, the light funnel feature found on some of Sony’s new megapixel cameras can be controlled directly through the control panel in the software.

The software is also DEPA complaint which offers intelligence allowing the user to analyse recordings using filters such as direction of motion, virtual boundaries, people counting etc.

For more information on the full range of licenses please see:

Sony IMZ-NS100 Realshot Manager Advanced

Published on June 4th, 2010 by Greg

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