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How to install and configure Mobotix MxControlCentre

Mobotix MxControlCentre is a free to use software application which allows you to manage and monitor Mobotix cameras from a centralized interface. This HOWTO guide explains how to download and install the application, add cameras and review recorded footage.


Mobotix cameras feature recording software built into each of their cameras. As such there is no real need for a centralised recording solution. However, with cameras from the same system able to record footage in multiple different locations, there is a need for a centralized monitoring and management platform.

Mobotix have designed two programs for this purpose. MxEasy is aimed at installations of one to four cameras and is designed to be easier to use for entry-level users. For larger installations, Mobotix offer MxControlCentre (MxCC) which provides similar functionality to MxEasy but is more flexible when it comes to cameramanagement.

Download MxControlCentre

In order to install MxCC you must first download the setup files from the Mobotix website. To download the setup files, log onto the Mobotix website at www.mobotix.com. Select you region and click “Go”, Click on “products” at the top of the page and then click “MxControlCentre”. You will be shown a product page describing the application as well as a link to “Download free of charge”.

On the download page, scroll down until you see MxControlCentre. At time of writing, the latest version is 2.2.1. Click the version number. At the bottom of the next page you have two download options, either a zip or exe file. Click “exe” to begin downloading the program.


Once the exe file is downloaded, double-click it to begin the installation process. Accept the License agreement and click next. Select a location to store files and click next again. Click next past the start menu window and again past the icon creation window. Review the settings you have entered before clicking Install. Once the installation is complete click the Finish button.

Initial setup

To start MxCC (if it hasn’t started already) go to the Start menu in Windows XP or the Windows menu if you are using Windows Vista/7. In the Programs menu you should see a folder called Mobotix, inside which you will see the MxControlCentre program. Click this to open MxCC.

When the program is first run you will see an “Add Video Sources and other devices” window. This should then scan your network for any Mobotix cameras and display them on the screen. You can see a sample image from the camera on the right of the window should you be unable to differentiate between cameras.

Screenshot of adding a video source

Select the cameras you wish to add by clicking on each one. Multiple cameras can be selected simultaneously. Click on “Add selected video sources…” to continue.

You should now be asked to choose a layout. Enter a layout name (such as “My Office”) and click ok. MxCC will automatically create a layout with a view from all of your cameras.

Managing cameras

Once the initial setup is complete, MxCC will automatically bring you to the monitoring page whenever it starts up.

With image sizes reduced to fit multiple cameras onto a single screen it can be difficult to pick out individual details. To see a larger image from a camera double-click the camera image. This should open a new window with the camera image shown. When you are finished, double-click the window again to close it.

You can also adjust the settings on any of your cameras directly from MxCC. To do this, right-click on the camera you wish to edit, mouse-over “Properties” and then select “Configure”. You should see a “Camera configuration” window with each of your cameras shown.

Screenshot of MxControlCentre camera configuration page

You can adjust many camera options here such as recording, audio and image settings. To adjust a setting, right-clicking on the any of the features will bring up a menu of alternative options. Any changes made here will be sent to the camera and stored.

Playing recorded footage

Recorded footage can be accessed quickly and easily. To switch between live and playback modes, select the “Activate Player Mode” button at the top left of the screen.

The “Player” pane on the left of the screen will allow you to move backwards and forwards through recorded footage. You can also use the slider at the bottom of the pane to quickly move to certain points in the video timeline.

Lastly, if you want to search for a specific event, click the “Open Video Search” button at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of the event search page

In the video search window you will see a list of events on the left hand side of the screen. Selecting each of these will show recordings by the camera in the window on the right. Should you need to export one or many of these events, click the Export button just above the video window. Select the time scale which you wish to export and the file type (MxPEG video, AVI clip or separate files) before clicking export.

To return back to live mode, click the “Activate Player Mode” button again.

Saving settings

Settings in MxCC are stored whenever the program is closed. When closing the program, a pop-up will ask if you wish to save the settings. Be sure to click “yes” otherwise any changes you have made to MxCC will be lost.

You should now have the knowledge to set up and manage a basic installation of the Mobotix MxControlCentre. If you have any comments on this article please leave them below.

Published on February 25th, 2010 by James Drinkwater

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