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Network Webcams announces launch of SecurityStation

SecurityStation logo - Alerts and Recording Platform (ARP) for IP cameras

Today, Network Webcams announces the launch of SecurityStation, its own Alerts & Recording Platform (ARP). Designed with the user in mind, SecurityStation makes viewing and recording from IP cameras as easy as using a website.

The new service can be accessed using all common browsers and does away with the need for recording devices or software of any kind. All a user need is a camera and an Internet connection, SecurityStation does the rest.

Secure, offsite remote servers managed by Network Webcams store the data captured from users’ cameras. Via www.MySecurityStation.com users have instant access to their event recordings, live camera feeds and system control settings.

Frank Crouwel, Managing Director at Network Webcams said, “We expect that SecurityStation will become a great success and a market leader amongst other Alerts & Recording Platforms (ARPs). The fact that the service is fully web-based and is accessible from anywhere on demand makes it easy to use for anybody, and this makes it such a powerful product. It will open up the use of IP video to a much wider market.”

SecurityStation has taken over a year to develop and gone through months of testing. With the release of the beta version we are looking to our customers with a critical mind to provide feedback before we launch the service commercially.

Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director at Network Webcams said, “I am proud of our development team in building a platform that breaks new ground in making online CCTV more accessible and easy to use. Our core philosophy as a company is to ‘make it easy’ for our customers and SecurityStation fits this philosophy perfectly. During beta we want to see what our customer think of it.”

If you would like to see what SecurityStation can do for you sign up for a free beta invitation now and we’ll send you an account activation token.

Register for SecurityStation Beta at http://www.securitystation.com/

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Published on February 23rd, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

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