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How to set up email (SMTP) settings on Axis IP cameras

IP cameras can send you email notification on alarm or at scheduled intervals, but to do this they require access to a SMTP server to send the email. Most email accounts come with SMTP access for outgoing mail but not all of them are easy to integrate with your IP camera because they require a secure connection.

This guide will walk you through setting up SMTP settings in an Axis IP camera with a GMX email account. This guide uses an Axis M1011 IP camera but most Axis IP cameras have pretty similar settings.

Step 1: Setting up an account with GMX

GMX offers a free account which is ideal for sending email notifications from your camera. Click ‘Sign Up Now’ to begin the registration process.

Screenshot of creating an email account with GMX.com

To signup you need to enter you details, choose an email address, password and verify the information in the box. Click ‘I Accept. Create My Account’ and the next page should confirm you account has been successfully created.

Note: You will need to remember your username and password to enter into your camera.

Step 2: Entering GMX account details in to your Axis IP camera

Login to your Axis camera and click ‘Setup’. On the left select ‘System Options’, then ‘Network’ and then ‘SMTP (email)’.

Screenshot of entering SMTP details into a Axis IP camera

  • Primary mail server: smtp.gmx.com
  • Primary server port: 25
  • Use authentication to log in to this server: Tick this box
  • User Name: Enter your GMX email address in full
  • Password: Enter your GMX password
  • From email address: [email protected]

You can now enter a different email address in to the ‘Send test email to’ and click ‘Send’ to test your settings are correct. Click ‘Save’ to store your settings.

Published on February 18th, 2010 by Simon

33 Responses to “How to set up email (SMTP) settings on Axis IP cameras”

  1. Chris says:

    I doubt anyone will get this, but I sure could use the help.
    In your instructions, you say create a gmx account, which I have done. Next you say: Login to your Axis camera and click ‘Setup’. On the left select ‘System Options’, then ‘Network’ and then ‘SMTP (email)’.
    How do I "login" to my Axis camera? Is there software? Do I go to a url? I'm missing something. The photo you include, what is that? How do I get to that?
    Thank you,
    Chris in Dallas

  2. Colin says:

    Hi I have a supra ip camera I hav it all set up wit alerts from motion centre etc but I can't get it to send images to my email on either hotmail or Gmail, should I make a gmx email an try this smpt etc instead.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Guy says:

    I have the M3114VE and for ages it was working fine with GMX, i then changed my password (before you ask i also updated it in Camera Management) and now every time it says "smtp reverse path failed: 530 Authentication required" when trying to send a mail with images. The strange thing is if i change it to send notifications it works fine. Ideas anyone?

  4. Buutske says:

    Look here: http://forum.gmx.com/forum/posts/list/3638.page
    I used for the Axis camera 3367 as Pr. Mail Server: mail.gmx.com and port 587, this works for me.

  5. Horacio says:

    Help me out, I have done everything here in the chat primary mail server port 587 gmx mail and still does not work, any advice ?

  6. Jheller says:

    I just tried sending a email through my gmx account using telnet. No problem. I entered the same settings in the camera. Still nothing.

  7. Jheller says:

    I have a M1031-W, and it will not send a test email. I have tried everything listed above. I have defaulted my camera and tried everything again. I have the latest firmware on it. I have also tried it on a Axis 221 camera, with the same results. I think it may be the gmx mail service. Any comments?

  8. GarthB says:

    Use mailserver:
    Port: 587
    In my Axis 207 I also have to re-type the password in the password box and send another testmail, then it works. Don't forget to save your settings.

  9. Danielle says:

    I cant get mine to work with my foscam. Tried everything. Can someone help me.

  10. Myint Tun says:

    i want to use my gmail account ,how to do?pls Can explain what smtp mail server and port have to use?

  11. andrew says:

    i have an exes 701 outdoor ip camera cant get it to work with gmx mail, can anyone help?

  12. Arnold says:

    The only way I got mine to work was to enter the smtp info 2 times,…so the same e-mail info 2 times then test and make sure it says both ok then you will receive only 1 e-mail. I think they need to extend the built in response time for the e-mail server reply because this way you double the time it communicates with the smtp server.

  13. El Chiki says:

    I have just bought my cam axis P5534-E and impossible to obtain an E-mail. On the basis of this forum, I have created GMX, yahoo, gmail and bluewin E-mails account: none of them give a result !!!
    I tried also to select only the no SSL port: no result either…and more than 1 week spent on my PC every night !!!
    Have somebody a solution to this nightmare ??
    Than you

  14. Ben Rush says:

    I am having the same problem Jay was having, with a M1031-W. I entered all the information for connecting to the GMX smtp mail server and when I send a test to I get the "Primary Mail Server:OK" message but nothing ever goes to my Gmail account. Any other ideas?

  15. jay says:

    Problem solved… I was sending the test to my hotmail account. GMX is having a problem with sending to hotmail. I'm using yahoo to send tests to and it works fine now.

  16. jay says:

    I am also having a great deal of trouble setting up my axis 1031-w to send email alerts. I tried everything in this post and the furthest I can get is a message when I send the test email saying ''Primary mail server:ok'' and thats all I get. I looked close at gmx website and it is a smtp with SSL encryption… Im not sure but maybe they added the ssl encryption recently and thats preventing me from connecting? Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. Even if you know of another good provider… Thanks

  17. JIM says:

    Thanks a bunch worked great for me. I'm using a cheap no brand Chinese ip cam and this worked fine.

  18. Norbert says:

    using axis 211M and have big problem. i have tired everything, have GMX email, tired all the ip addresses and port numbers written above but nothing works… i get primary mail server failed message all the time…
    anyone has any idea?
    can somebody explain me what do i have to write for "SYSTEM OPTIONS/NETWORK/TCPIP/ADVANCED" DOMAIN NAME:??? my broadband router doesnt have domain… and its ip address doesnt make any good…
    you can write me to: [email protected]

  19. tonyboy says:

    using the IP address and port 25 for GMX works, but for the Axis 1011 you need to update the firmware that includes an SMTP fix, firmware version should read:5.20.1_CST232211
    Received this as a link from Axis help line then went into maintenance>update firmware. Since the update email now works.

  20. pietdeboer says:

    The basic problem is that axis DOES not support ssl ports line 587 etc so you need to use a email provider not using SSL etc to send your emails

  21. Randy says:

    Have the same problem here! Which port number did u use???

  22. Sean says:

    I am having the same problem – says "Primary Mail Server: OK" but no test email received. VERY frustrating….anyone have a fix?

  23. Jeff says:

    Changed to the ip address and the port number recommended by another
    poster, camera is saying Primary mail server is OK but still no mail received.

  24. Jeff says:

    Well, I signed up for a gmx email account, filled in all the info but it's
    still asking for the primary DNS server.
    Now where do I find that info?

  25. chandra says:

    <p>sir i want configure smtp mail service..i just configured som basic links through gmx page. but its asking when i try to send, primary mail server is failed. i dont know how to confiure primary and secondary mail server. plz rectify my conclution… thank you

  26. Lee says:

    <p>Hi ! i would like to ask, is it apply to another type of camera?

  27. magicman32 says:

    Thanks Matt…that port and IP seemed to resolve my issues.

  28. matt says:

    Try using port 587. Also, enter IP address instead of smtp.gmx.com.

  29. Greg Innes says:

    @Alessio Gemini:
    An Axis camera won’t work with Gmail SMTP settings as Gmail uses SSL authentication which Axis camera’s don’t support.
    This HOWTO: guide is an alternative to using Gmail as this web-based account does not require SSL.
    However, I would always try the SMTP settings of the email details you get from your Internet service provider first before using any web-based web mail services.

  30. Alessio Gemini says:

    I have the same problem: I can't make it work with gmail, and I don't want to create another email account. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  31. Paul Shepherd says:

    Thanks so much. You don't know how long I tried to set up my email settings on my camera. I couldn't get it to work with gmail…don't know if I had the wrong mail server or what, but this worked like a charm Thank you.

  32. Simon says:

    Thanks, Stephan.
    We noticed this as well and have changed the guide to work with GMX.com.
    Hope this helps.

  33. Stephan Emmen says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Thank you for this walk through. Only….. Lavabit quotes:
    "Due to a recent increase in the number of accounts being created for abusive purposes we have decided to suspend new user registrations until further notice."
    Any suggestions for an other provider?
    Kinds regards,