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Mobotix releases new updated M24M range of cameras

Mobotix M24M IP security camera

Mobotix are in the process of rolling out new camera models with updated hardware. Their new M24M range adds a range of features over the older M22M which improve the effectiveness of your security installation.

Here are some of the features available:

New versions

Most of the old versions of the M22M will be transferred over to the new M24M line, namely the IT, SEC and SEC CS Vario model with varifocal lens. The R8/R16 models with internal memory have been dropped in favour of the new on-camera storage (see below). There will also be a version of the camera featuring the hemispheric lens as seen on the Q24M which will provide 180° views left to right.

Increased frame rates

The M24M cameras offer increased frame rates over their replacements, offering up to 30fps in megapixel mode with 20fps available at full 3-megapixel resolutions when using the MxPEG codec.

On-camera Storage

A microSD card is now supported on all new Mobotix cameras. Since Mobotix cameras hold all of their recording functionality internally, the addition of the on-camera storage allows the camera to store security footage without any additional equipment. Included with each is a 4GB card which can be upgraded to 32GB.

Improved audio hardware

The built-in microphone and speaker has been upgraded to provide clearer audio both to and from your camera. Also, a new Hi-fi codec is being implemented to increase the audio quality while reducing bandwidth usage.


The waterproofing on the M24M has been improved over the old M22M cameras. All cable entry points into the camera now feature water-tight plugs. This has now increased the IP rating from IP65 to IP66.

Power use

Despite using an improved, more powerful processor, the new cameras are still very efficient with regards to power, requiring only 3 Watts of power on average to function.

Selectable PoE classification

Users can now select which level of power to use with their camera. People who are using the camera solely for monitoring can select Class 1 while those using extensions such as the Mobotix ExtIO can increase the power level.


The Mobotix M24M cameras are on our store now:

Published on January 29th, 2010 by James Drinkwater

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