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New Axis Q1910/-E Thermal Network Cameras for Reliable Detection in the Dark

Axis Q1910/-E Thermal Network Cameras

Axis are the first to introduce a fully featured thermal network camera for surveillance, the Q1910 (outdoor variant Q1910-E). Before now thermal imaging cameras have been analogue-based and restricted to high-end installations with a heavy price tag but with the new cameras launched this week Axis are offering thermal network camera surveillance at an affordable price.

Thermal Technology

Thermal cameras offer the perfect compliment to any professional IP surveillance system. The image delivered from a thermal network camera is based on the heat around objects, people or vehicles allowing the camera to identify movement in complete darkness or in difficult conditions such as haze, dust, smoke etc. without the requirement for an additional light source (white light or infrared).

The new Q1910/-E cameras offer the same benefits as Axis’ IP video products including H.264 and MJPEG video compression, two-way audio, on-camera storage using SD/SDHC memory cards, ease of installation use PoE and integration with all leading video management systems. Thermal network cameras are also ideal for intelligent video applications and these cameras fully support Axis’ open platform for third-party applications (AXIS Camera Application Platform) to further increase their effectiveness in any security system.


Axis Q1910 Indoor Thermal Network Camera
Axis Q1910-E Outdoor Thermal Network Camera
Product data sheet: Axis Q1910/-E Thermal Network Cameras

Published on January 21st, 2010 by Greg

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