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Archive for 2010

Some Important Facts and Tips About Security Cameras and Minimum Illumination

December 14th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

When considering which security camera to purchase, the minimum illumination level is often one of the most important specifications to keep an eye on. But unlike other important stats such as resolution or compression, minimum illumination cannot be represented by a hard and fast number. Here’s why.


Don’t Forget the Monitor

November 22nd, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

Above: footage from an AXIS Q6034-E

Recent advances in IP video – HD resolution, H.264 video compression – are changing the way we think about implementing network security solutions. With extremely detailed images now communicable across networks, the monitors we use to view them are becoming more and more important.


Network Cameras and Caring for the Vulnerable

November 16th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

A few weeks ago, you might have read this story about James Merrett, a 37-year old tetraplegic man dependent on a ventilator for life support. Concerned about the level of care he was receiving from nursing staff at his home in Wiltshire, he had an IP camera and recording software set up to monitor the activities of the agency nurses looking after him.


QNAP launches VMobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

November 8th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

QNAP has launched its VMobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

With the app, users can monitor a live stream and playback recordings from an unlimited number of servers and channels. “This is a unique feature that no other applications offer currently except VMobile,” said Andrew Yu, QNAP Product Manager. Feeds from multiple cameras and from different brands can be viewed through the app as long as the cameras are connected to a VioStor NVR, making this a flexible solution for installations that have had incremental upgrades, or for users that need to keep track of different installations in multiple locations.


Y-cam introduces NAS-Ready™

November 2nd, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

Y-cam has launched a new version of its firmware, 4.21, for its SD and Bullet product ranges. The update brings with it a number of key new features, but the one that really catches the eye is the new NAS-Ready™ system.

Currently, a camera and a Network Attached Storage drive require some kind of go-between, like a computer or third-party software, in order to communicate. With NAS-Ready™, Y-cam cameras can now send video directly to any compatible NAS for capture and storage. This will help to simplify setup and reduce running costs. NAS-Ready™ isn’t shy on the storage side of things either – up to 10,000 video and 10,000 image files can be stored per camera.


Thermal IP Cameras: What You Need to Know

October 21st, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

Chances are you are already familiar with what thermal camera technology looks like, you just don’t know it yet. But what exactly does it offer as an IP security solution and why should you care?

Not all light is visible to humans. The light that we see is actually part of a much larger spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Other parts of this spectrum include microwaves, radio waves and x-rays. There is also infrared, which is emitted by any object that is hotter than absolute zero (roughly -273°). As it is not technically possible to achieve absolute zero due to the laws of thermodynamics, everything emits infrared radiation.

Thermal cameras can pick up this infrared signature and translate it into a variety of formatted, viewable images. The most familiar of these is the rainbow effect, where the coldest objects in the image are represented by blacks and blues and the warmest by yellows, reds and whites, but a wide-range of pseudo-colouring methods are available to suit almost any requirements.


Axis introduces Axis Corridor Format™

October 18th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

Axis announced a new feature last week called Axis Corridor Format™. It’s designed for areas where the traditional landscape-oriented setup of a camera is not ideal. Take, for instance, a staircase or a corridor – in a landscape setup, a sizeable percentage of the image is wasted recording the walls. This results in bandwidth and storage waste too, with a lot of network resources focussed on nothing much.

The Axis Corridor Format™ is designed for these situations. It allows for a vertically-oriented video, maximizing image quality and taking advantage of available resources. It is particularly suited to HD cameras, as the traditional 16:9 landscape ratio switches to a capable 9:16 ratio – ideal for avoiding walls and focussing on the desired area.

There are two ways to achieve this effect: either the camera can be installed sideways and the image rotated 90° utilising the camera’s configuration settings, or on certain cameras (such as the 3-axis lens found in an Axis fixed-dome camera) the lens itself can be turned 90° when mounted.

Most Axis fixed network cameras will support the corridor format, and third-party video management software including Milestone will be capable of achieving this effect. It will also be a feature of the next version of AXIS Camera Station, v3.40.

You can find more information at the Axis website, and we will be following the progress of the technology at Network Webcams.

SecurityStation fully launched

August 2nd, 2010 by James Drinkwater

SecurityStation fully launched

Today, we are announcing the UK commercial launch of SecurityStation, our open platform VSaaS offering.

With the launch, SecurityStation has become available as a one month FREE trial for all new subscribers to the service.

SecurityStation is an advanced VSaaS platform, enabling users to operate IP cameras fully via the web. Common features such as live view, multi-view, camera pan-tilt-zoom control, event alerting, off-site recording and playback are all available whilst SecurityStation’s unique search facility makes finding required footage as easy as can be, as is its unrivalled Plug and Play (PnP) mechanism which removes all the hassle of setting up cameras, ideal for anybody new to using IP cameras.


Security for the Public Sector Seminar – Save the date!

July 26th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer

On Thursday 30th September 2010 Axis Communications, Milestone, Aerelink and event host NW Systems will present an informative seminar session for the Public Sector.

The seminar ‘Security for the Public Sector’ will demonstrate how network video and wireless technology can provide flexible, high-performance solutions for the public sector whilst offering tangible cost savings.


The iPads Have Landed – Popular IP cameras viewed on the iPad

July 6th, 2010 by Kevin Bowyer


It’s official; the invasion of the iPads has begun.

Actually, who are we kidding? The invasion is already over and Apple have moved on to their well deserved victory lap, their latest innovation having taken the world by storm in what seems like the blink of an eye.

But what impact will it have on the IP Camera industry? How well do products from the likes of Axis, Panasonic and Y-cam interact with the world’s latest ‘must-have’ gadget?