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Archive for 2009

1-Port Power over Ethernet Midspan Giveaway on PoE Axis IP Cameras and Video Encoders

August 20th, 2009 by Greg

1-Port Power over Ethernet Midspan Giveaway on PoE Axis IP Cameras and Video Encoders

With both the power and data being sent to the camera down a single cable, Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers a cost-effective method of IP security camera installation, and now, until the 30th September 2009 Network Webcams has made Axis quality even more affordable when you purchase a PoE compatible Axis IP camera or Video Encoder.

For UK and European customers, every order placed for a PoE compatible Axis IP camera or Video Encoder will have the option to recieve a 1-port Power over Ethernet Midspan, free of charge (giving a saving of £39/€46!).


Mobotix MxEasy Video Management Software for Mobotix IP Cameras: What is it?

August 10th, 2009 by Simon

Mobotix MxEasy Video Management Software

Mobotix have released new video management software for their range of IP cameras. Called MxEasy, it offers control and monitoring of Mobotix cameras without the complexities of their MxControlCenter.

MxEasy works with up to 16 Mobotix IP cameras and can be found on the Mobotix website. The Video management software is completely free to download; you just need to register your details with the website.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac and with few software applications for IP cameras being Mac compatible, Mobotix must now be a consideration for anyone planning an IP security system with a Mac computer.

Who is it aimed at?

MxEasy is designed for home security or small business applications and allows for control of up to 16 Mobotix cameras with 4 available to view simultaneously. Additional compatibility with Mobotix external input/output devices with dedicated buttons in the software will appeal to anyone looking for access control.


Firmware v3.2 released for the Y-Cam White, Y-Cam Black and Y-Cam Knight IP cameras

August 4th, 2009 by James Drinkwater

Y-Cam Knight IP security camera

Y-Cam have released the latest firmware update for their Y-Cam White, Y-Cam Black and Y-Cam Knight IP Cameras.

This software includes the following updates:

  • Additional schedules (up to 4) can be used with various functions
  • Added wireless signal strength level meter when searching for SSID
  • Added wireless signal strength level meter in the System page
  • Built-in detection of SD card which displays an additional menu and disables Buffering (SD models only)

The following bug has also been resolved:

  • FTP Remote path couldn’t handle 2 level path, such as xxx/xxx

How to update the system software (firmware) on a Mobotix IP Camera

August 3rd, 2009 by Simon

You may need to update the system software (firmware) on your Mobotix IP camera if you find there is a problem with the operation or functionality of the IP camera or if you require new features made available in the new release. However, we do not advise performing an update of the system software every time a new version is released, or if the IP camera is operating normally. Updating the system software does pose a slight risk given that if the update is not completely successful the camera may be permanently damaged.

This guide walks you through all the steps necessary to update the system software on your Mobotix IP camera. It includes where to download the system software, the procedure to back up the current configuration to a file, how to reboot the camera and how to upload the new system software to the camera.


How to set up Mobotix MxEasy video management software with Mobotix IP cameras

August 3rd, 2009 by Simon

MxEasy is a video management software from Mobotix which works with up to 16 Mobotix IP cameras. Mobotix IP cameras work around a decentralised concept where all processing is performed on the camera itself with storage at the edge. All data is recorded on locally attached (to the camera) storage devices. MxEasy offers an easy way to configure, monitor and play back recordings from multiple Mobotix IP cameras.

This guide walks you through the initial setup wizard which will open when you first run MxEasy. The setup wizard will search for available Mobotix IP cameras on your network, allow you to configure the cameras with a compatible IP address for your network and set security access to MxEasy and the selected cameras.


Panasonic Discontinue BL-C1 and BL-C20 IP Cameras

July 29th, 2009 by Greg

Panasonic BL-C101 Mini wireless IP security camera We’ve just heard that Panasonic are now officially discontinuing their BL-C1 and BL-C20 IP cameras.

This has been coming for a while as these models have already been replaced for a few months with the BL-C101 and BL-C121 respectively.

The BL-C101 and BL-C121 (wireless) offer advanced features over the old models, including:


Crime Figures Show Robberies Are Up

July 29th, 2009 by Simon

British Crime Survey

Recent reports out from the British Crime Survey show that in the last year while violent crime is down compared to the previous year, theft related crime has risen in the wake of the economic down turn.

Trends show a rise in domestic burglary and shoplifting over the past year along with a rise in the overall risk of being a victim of crime.

Many people today are now looking for new and reliable ways to protect their homes. Recent figures show that households with even basic security are nearly 2.5x less likely to be a victim of burglary than households with no security features. This figure rises to nearly 5x for households which include enhanced security.


Network Webcams Now Offering Pelco IP Cameras

June 25th, 2009 by Frank Crouwel

Pelco announcement with Network Webcams partnership

Network Webcams has been chosen by world leading CCTV manufacturer Pelco as one of Pelco’s main routes to market for their new IP camera range. Pelco recognised the leading position Network Webcams holds in the IP CCTV and surveillance marketplace and therefore approached Network Webcams to take on their IP camera products.

“Network Webcams is unique in the industry in that they specialize in IP cameras. We are very pleased that they have made the decision to take on Pelco’s expanding line of IP cameras, including our new Sarix Megapixel technology,” said Alex Doorduyn, Product Marketing Manager at Pelco.


SecuritySpy, comprehensive video surveillance for Mac users now available from Network Webcams

June 3rd, 2009 by Greg

SecuritySpy from Ben Software

We are pleased to announce we have just added a range of product licenses for SecuritySpy on our UK/European store.


SecuritySpy is a CCTV monitoring, recording and playback application developed exclusively for the Mac. By installing the software you will turn your Mac into a professional video surveillance system, compatible with a wide range of devices including network cameras, video encoders, analogue cameras, webcams and digital multiplexers. It will even support the built-in iSight webcam you find in MacBooks.


Do you mentally background your business’s security system?

May 19th, 2009 by Kevin Bowyer

CCTV Mental Backgrounding

Most businesses these days have some form or other of CCTV security or surveillance system on the premises. For some this offers peace of mind, for some a surveillance system operates as a clear and present deterrance and for others as a ‘fire and forget’ system which only becomes critical when it is expected to work during an alarm event.

Larger corporations and some SMEs will monitor their CCTV systems at all times and respond immediately to break-ins and violations, but most small businesses don’t have the luxury of resources and therefore rely on their security systems to work in the background, becoming ‘visible’ only when needed.