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CCTV helps Scottish Schools Combat Vandalism

Network Webcams is highlighting a recent report in the Sunday Mail on the staggering cost of school vandalism in Scotland. According to the report, vandalism in Scottish schools costs taxpayers £10,000 a day or £3.53 million per year, equivalent to the salary of more than 170 teachers.

According to Kevin Bowyer, our Kirkcaldy-based Technical Director: “Because of its proven effectiveness, more and more educational establishments are using networked CCTV surveillance to protect staff, students, property and buildings.

“One specific problem for schools is night-time vandalism against property, and the cost of damage is often significant. Network CCTV helps local authorities and individual schools to take control of this problem, not just by recording the event but by instantly raising alarms with people in other locations, who can then see what is going on and inform the police. The chance of catching the vandals in the act is much greater and a series of quick police responses will deter vandals from trying again next time.”

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Published on November 3rd, 2009 by Frank Crouwel

One Response to “CCTV helps Scottish Schools Combat Vandalism”

  1. Security Audit says:

    <p>CCTV can be a good security measure, but you have to know how to create practical CCTV systems, or get professional advice on how to do so, otherwise it's just a waste of money.