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Mobotix MxEasy Video Management Software for Mobotix IP Cameras: What is it?

Mobotix MxEasy Video Management Software

Mobotix have released new video management software for their range of IP cameras. Called MxEasy, it offers control and monitoring of Mobotix cameras without the complexities of their MxControlCenter.

MxEasy works with up to 16 Mobotix IP cameras and can be found on the Mobotix website. The Video management software is completely free to download; you just need to register your details with the website.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac and with few software applications for IP cameras being Mac compatible, Mobotix must now be a consideration for anyone planning an IP security system with a Mac computer.

Who is it aimed at?

MxEasy is designed for home security or small business applications and allows for control of up to 16 Mobotix cameras with 4 available to view simultaneously. Additional compatibility with Mobotix external input/output devices with dedicated buttons in the software will appeal to anyone looking for access control.

Mobotix cameras operate as a de-centralised system with all cameras operating independently. All processing is performed on the camera and recordings are saved to locally attached storage devices. With each camera operating independently MxEasy simply configures the cameras and pulls images for monitoring and playback when needed. This minimises bandwidth requirements over the network and means the system is not reliant on an additional computer or attached network storage for recording.


MxEasy is simple and quick to setup and requires minimal knowledge of computer networks. It has the capability to automatically configure Mobotix IP cameras which are connected to the local network.

The MxEasy interface consists of one large monitoring display and four smaller ones surrounded by buttons for the program options, which are designed to be compatible with touch screen devices. Combined with minimal bandwidth requirements MxEasy could be used as a wireless touch screen monitoring device, complete with two way audio communication and access control.

The alarm planner, which is independent for each camera allows for endless configuration possibilities. Compatible with a wide array of sensors and triggers available on Mobotix devices, like motion detection, noise detection, passive infrared, illumination, temperature and external inputs. Multiple triggers can be allocated to any time slot in the alarm planner, making configurations like sensing motion during the day and illumination and noise at night a possibility.

Overall, MxEasy is a welcome addition for control of Mobotix cameras, with unique features aimed at the home security market. Most of its functionality and features are already available in Mobotix IP cameras, MxEasy just delivers a simple way to configure and monitor them.

Published on August 10th, 2009 by Simon

2 Responses to “Mobotix MxEasy Video Management Software for Mobotix IP Cameras: What is it?”

  1. David C. says:

    MxEasy is a nice software and the good thing Mobotix made allows to use it completely free.

    cctv installer, I found IP Video System Design Tool ( http://www.jvsg.com/ip-video-system-design-tool/ ) quite useful for calculating fixed lens, HDD space and bandwidth. As it mentioned for Mobotix forums to calculate MxPEG I choose MPEG4. So far it seems the result are quite accurate.


  2. cctv installer says:

    Thanks for this review. Before I tried MxControlCenter. The thing makes Mobotix different is their MxPEG compression. A good thing about it it requires about the same bandwidth as MPEG4, but actually it is has all advantages of frame based encoding.