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How to update the system software (firmware) on a Mobotix IP Camera

You may need to update the system software (firmware) on your Mobotix IP camera if you find there is a problem with the operation or functionality of the IP camera or if you require new features made available in the new release. However, we do not advise performing an update of the system software every time a new version is released, or if the IP camera is operating normally. Updating the system software does pose a slight risk given that if the update is not completely successful the camera may be permanently damaged.

This guide walks you through all the steps necessary to update the system software on your Mobotix IP camera. It includes where to download the system software, the procedure to back up the current configuration to a file, how to reboot the camera and how to upload the new system software to the camera.

Step 1 – Download system software

All the system releases for Mobotix cameras can be found in the software downloads section of the Mobotix website. Download the latest system release for your model of camera, which will be in the form of a MPL file.

Step 2 – Backup current camera configuration

There is a possibility that your current configuration in the camera may be wiped when the system software is updated. So it is good practice to save the current configuration of your camera to your computer in case the configuration is wiped during the update of the system software.

To log into your camera, type the cameras IP address in to your web browser.

Click on the ‘Admin Menu’ at the top left corner to access the camera’s settings.

Screenshot of Mobotix admin menu

The administration window will open, click ‘save’ in the ‘Configuration’ section and a dialog box for your browser should popup ask you where to save the file configuration file on your PC. Save the file to an appropriate place (such as the desktop, or My Documents) and close the popup window

Step 3 – Reboot the camera

It is recommended to reboot the camera the camera before updating the system software to empty the memory cache.

Click on ‘Reboot’ in the ‘General Tasks’ heading of the admin menu to open the reboot window.

Screenshot of Mobotix camera reboot screen

Click ‘Reboot Now’ to reboot the camera.

The camera will reboot and return you to the home page of the camera, once the reboot is complete.

Step 4 – Updating the system software

From the homepage of the camera click the ‘Admin Menu’ button at the top left once again.

The administration window will open. Scroll down to the System Update section and click on ‘Update System Software’.

Screenshot of Mobotix update system software

The opened dialog window will explain important points about updating your camera’s system software. Please read this important dialogue thoroughly to ensure you understand the update procedure.

Important notes about updating the system software on a Mobotix IP camera

  • Updating the software is a critical task and an incomplete upload could damage your camera rendering it usable
  • Do not disconnect the power or network connection during the update
  • Close all programs prior to beginning the update and do not open any programs or applications while the update is in progress
  • Avoid using your computer while the update is in progress until you see a message informing you the update is complete

Network Webcams takes no responsibility for any damage caused whilst following this guide when updating the system software of your camera.

To start click the ‘Browse’ button under ‘Upload File’ and locate the MPL file you downloaded in step 1. Click ‘Start Software Update’ button to start the update procedure.

Screenshot of Mobotix system update camera log window

A new window will pop up showing the progress of the software update.

Screenshot of Mobotix Camera Completed System Update

After the upload has finished the camera should confirm the update was successful and ask you to move on to the next step to reboot the camera.

The next screen will confirm the cameras network address. Click ‘Reboot Now’ to restart the camera.

The camera will reboot and the software update will now be complete. You should then be returned to the homepage of the camera.

Published on August 3rd, 2009 by Simon

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  1. biswajit says:

    Thank you as you explained very well,but i want to know how will do upgrade in one time to all camera.