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Crime Figures Show Robberies Are Up

British Crime Survey

Recent reports out from the British Crime Survey show that in the last year while violent crime is down compared to the previous year, theft related crime has risen in the wake of the economic down turn.

Trends show a rise in domestic burglary and shoplifting over the past year along with a rise in the overall risk of being a victim of crime.

Many people today are now looking for new and reliable ways to protect their homes. Recent figures show that households with even basic security are nearly 2.5x less likely to be a victim of burglary than households with no security features. This figure rises to nearly 5x for households which include enhanced security.

While security features like CCTV act as a deterrent against crime they also offer peace of mind while away from your property. IP cameras which connect directly to your computer network now offer significant advantages over analogue CCTV.

Active security measures

While some traditional CCTV systems ran in the background only being called upon after a crime has occurred, others required constant active monitoring. IP cameras can intelligently monitor your property and even alert you before you become the victim of crime without any human intervention.

Key technologies included in IP cameras such as Video Motion Detection (VMD) allow for this intelligent unmanned surveillance and can notify you of alerts via email or even mobile phone. The option of being able to store data offsite along with the ability to view images over any Internet connection including your mobile phone makes an IP camera a robust and adaptable security solution.

Entry level IP camera security solutions

Below are a few examples of low cost IP cameras that can enhance security for your home or office.

Axis M1011
Entry level Axis IP camera with advanced video compression, motion detection, email notification and FTP upload, including recording software for one camera. A Wireless version is also available.

Y-cam Black
Includes infrared night vision and wireless capability along with motion detection, email notification and FTP upload. Addition outdoor housing for this camera is also available.

Panasonic BL-C101
A cheap introduction IP camera with one way audio, external sensor inputs along with motion detection, FTP upload and email notification.

Published on July 29th, 2009 by Simon

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