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How to set up a dynamic DNS address in your Netgear router using DynDNS.com

This information is now somewhat out of date, but may still be relevant to some people.

Step 1 – Registering with DynDNS.com

Visit the following website: www.dyndns.com, at the top right hand side of the page click the link that says ‘Create Account’.

Username: Enter your desired username

Email: Enter your email address

Retype email: Enter your email address again for validation

Password: Enter your desired password

Retype password: Enter your desired password again for validation

Mailing Lists: We always choose no to these…

Read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Your account will be created and a verification email will be sent to the email address you signed up with. You will need to click the link contained in that email to finish the registration process (you have 48 hours to do this otherwise the process will be terminated).

On clicking the link in your email you should be taken to the ‘Account Confirmed’ page on the website.

Step 2 – Creating a free dynamic DNS host

Staying on the ‘Account Confirmed’ page, click the link at the bottom of the screen which says ‘Create a dynamic DNS host within our Free domains’. This will take you to the Dynamic DNS page.

To set up your free DNS hosting service click on the ‘Get Started’ button at the top right of the page. This will take you to the page which lets you set up a new hostname:

DynDNS.org - new hostname screenshot

Hostname: Select your required hostname and choose from up to 88 different domains from the drop-down box. Choose something you are likely to remember.

Wildcard: This allows access to domains 4 levels or deeper. It is not required to be enabled for camera access.

Service type: Leave on ‘Host with IP address’

IP Address: Use your current external IP address. You can find this by visiting the following website ‘http://mycamip.com’

All other settings are fine, just click ‘Create Host’ to finish setting up your hostname.

Note you will taken to a checkout procedure but as this service is free you will not be asked for any credit card information:

DynDNS.org - checkout page screenshot

Just hit the ‘Next’ button to view the checkout for free services:

DynDNS.org - free checkout page screenshot

Click ‘Activate Services’ to finish and activate your dynamic DNS hostname. You will be shown a table with your newly created hostname as shown below:

DynDNS.org - host services page screenshot

Step 3 – Adding DynDNS details to your Netgear router

Now to finalise the setup procedure we need to enter the dynamic DNS details into the Netgear router so that the service will remain updated should your external IP address change.

To do this log in to your Netgear router and choose the ‘Dynamic DNS’ option from the menu on the left. This will display the Dynamic DNS page:

Netgear Settings screenshot - dynamic DNS

Check the box marked ‘Use a Dynamic DNS Service’

Service Provider: www.DynDNS.org

Hostname: Your newly created hostname from Step 2.

Password: Your username and password from Step 1.

Click ‘Apply’.


And that should be it. You can now use your hostname to access your camera from anywhere on the Internet and if your ISP changes your external IP address your hostname should keep track of that too.

Note that due to NAT loopback you might find that you cannot use your Dynamic DNS address from the local network (LAN). This is normal and in cases such as this you would use your local IP address on the local network and your dynamic DNS address from the Internet.

Published on March 23rd, 2009 by Greg

34 Responses to “How to set up a dynamic DNS address in your Netgear router using DynDNS.com”

  1. Merlino72 says:

    I'm using NG WNR2000 and got the same issue concerning DDNS Service.

    Meanwhile we have January 2015 and it still hasn't been solved, yet.
    DDNS works with alternative DDNS Providers on all my AVM Fritz!Box devices (7270, 7390 and 7490) since many years.

    …no more Netgear crap anylonger for me!!!!

  2. Willem says:

    My 3700 had only DynDNS only. Since Netgear is not updating the firmware I had to find an alternative. I am using No-ip and the have an little program DUC Anytime I cannot acces my xxxx.myftp.org site I run this. It is not dynamic 🙂 but it works.

  3. Simmons says:

    Yeah, same as Skyhawk, I'm definitely not buying another Netgear. Only offering DynDNS services, when DynDNS decides not to offer it free anymore? Useless.

  4. Skyhawk says:

    I have netgear wpn824 and it is not supported at http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index as Mike stated. Sucks that with a Netgear router you only have DynDNS option. Guess I won't be buying anymore Netgear routers. Wish I would have known before. Funny how they say to select your host but only give you the DynDNDS posibility.
    That's my 2 cents worth.

  5. James Drinkwater says:


    I like the alternative firmware available for netgear routers (I still use the DGTeam firmware on my DG834), but be aware that this will most likely void your warranty. If your router is supplied by your supplier they may get upset if you alter the native firmware. Something to consider before you dash in.

  6. Mike says:

    You can install DDRWT http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index on your netgear router and run any dynamic dns you wish.

    I've got the same netgear router as all of you and ran into the same issues. DDWRT was the solution. I am not a computer guru and I was able to figure out how to do it in about an hour. DDWRT is completely free and replaces the crappy software provided by Netgear.

  7. gl says:

    Very poor from NETGEAR, still no firmware with an alternative to DynDNS …

    Hurry up!

  8. Martin Winstrand says:

    And then the question we all have…
    When will they do that??

    DynDNS changed there policies a year ago. Is the new firmware due in the near future or is it possible to hack the router your self so that I may use another DDNS?

  9. James Drinkwater says:


    I feel I must jump to Netgear's defence here. When these routers were first designed, DynDNS was a completely free service. I have used these routers on literally hundreds of installations and on each one their DynDNS account was free.

    Now, DynDNS have removed their free service meaning all routers that offer this integrated service, not just Netgear, are locked into a paid service. Netgear have no control the decisions of third-party companies.

    What Netgear need to do is release a firmware upgrade for their routers which allows other dynamic DNS providers to be used, for example no-ip.

  10. jim says:

    I own a NetGear DGND3700 modem/router. This is apparently the 'high performance' all singing all dancing model.

    Despite the fact there is no visible information on the product packing to indicate you only have one choice for a Dynamic DNS provider, that service cannot be used without revealing your credit card to Dyn.com.

    So….. I bought my product from NetGear, and now I also have to pay (or reveal my credit card details to) Dyn.com to use dynamic DNS?

    Come on NetGear… this 'DDNS lock in' is quite ridiculous in the current IT economy dont you think? I mean how closed minded can you be?

    So is NetGear getting kickbacks/royalties from DynDNS? Wouldnt surprise me.

    I dont know about eveyone else, but I've had enough of waiting and am ditching the Netgear for a product by a Vendor that understands that consumers need to be given a choice for this sort of thing.

    I, for one, will be cautioning others about Netgear equipment if Dynamic DNS is a key requirement.


  11. roy says:

    wos just browsing for info on ddns and came across this, looked cos i use netgear stuff. if you dont want to use dyndns it is very easy to setup ddns client to a free service, but given that all services use the same id/pw combo to access i do not understand why using another supplier wos not an option. On the subject of free and credit cards, credit cards are used to verify your identity not charge, and free service is very restrictive as it is meant for things like dv's, ipod/pad, to access your net and Not usable for hosting and such.

    as soon as i saw the option i went to activate it only to find out i cant change the service. i have had 2 firmware updates so far, with such a common complaint it seems strange Netgear is ignoring its customers

  12. migrator says:

    very good information
    but http://www.dyndns.com need credit card information even it free !!

  13. Peter says:

    I'm very disappointed too..

  14. ghostrider says:

    Please add more dynamic dns providers to the list, dyndns has no free offers.


  15. Alex says:

    Agree with previous posts. Already opened a complain with NETGEAR. If many do the same, chances to get their attention (and new firmware) is higher. Don't just complain: act! 🙂

  16. Udo says:

    still same as problem as Steve 2011/12. Need more or free service provider for ddns dyn (like dnsdynamic.org )!

  17. Karl says:

    Agree with the recent posts. Netgear (having earlier taken the bold step of allying themselves with Dyndns.Org) now need to update their firmware on all devices supporting Dyndns.Org to allow alternatives. Effectively, the DDNS function has now been removed from these devices unless customers are prepared to pay a subscription. This isn't acceptable.

  18. James Drinkwater says:


    Yes, Since this blog was posted DynDNS have changed their signup process, making it a lot more difficult to sign up for a free account. It is still possible but they are much more stringent with their terms and conditions.

  19. Gannet says:

    I have been unable to do any of this. They offer a free trial but require submission of credit card details and say that you can keep one address if you cancel. When I got to the end of the trial, I couldn't find any way of cancelling other than to cancel completely. Lots of companies have supplied products with firmware lim iting DDNS to dyndns.org on the basis that it is free. I feel cheated.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  20. Peter says:

    Same problem as last two posts. I use noip.com used to work perfectly with BT router which I replaced for the N capability

  21. Nic says:

    Can anyone help to reply, I had the same problem as Steve. Can we add additional Service Provider to the list? in Netgear Router?

  22. irmOS says:

    Agree with Steve
    When does NetGear provide an upgrado to add dynamic DNS providers?
    The command is the same for all openwrt ddns clients.


    Any other service that can update when some URL is accessed. The script is quite versatile.

    For a longer list of additional DDNS providers, see:


  23. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, the formerly useful DynDns site is no longer free and, if you want to use an alternative free dynamic dns service with your router (such as dnsdynamic.org) it does not seem to be supported by NetGear.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to add additional dynamic dns providers to the Netgear admin drop-down?

    IMHO Netgear really need to look at providing alternatives to the dyndns service now, maybe in a firmware upgrade.

  24. ikzy says:


    I have a netgear at home. If you'd like to access your admin page of netgear, you need to enable 'remote access management' on your netgear admin page.

    You also need to make sure the ip address for dyndns is the same as listed in the ip address under 'basic setting'. If you turn on or off your router, your internet service provider will give you different ip address everytime.

    hope this helps

  25. Computer repairs Perth says:

    I use an IP camera with a standalone old Pentium PC and record activity; remote viewing alone will prove useless if your office was robbed in between remote looking.

  26. Greg Innes says:

    @ile de ra:

    You would need to use your dyndns hostname. This could be anything from the options on offer.

    example. myipcam.dyndns.org

  27. ile de re says:

    So have to put Service Provider: http://www.DynDNS.org with the 3w?? wouldn't it work without??

  28. Greg Innes says:


    Probably the firewall in your router needs to be set up. More information on our blog called 'How to set up IP cameras for remote access'

  29. neal says:

    i tried every thing as mention above but still no luck while on the browser i can access my cam via but thru web i can't access its like xxxxxx.dyndns.org won't let me thru webpage not found i even tried to type in the ipaddress no luck. same setup for belkin router it works great, but netgear no luck any suggestion ????

  30. Dominic says:

    you have no idea how much this comment has helped me.

    Note that due to NAT loopback you might find that you cannot use your Dynamic DNS address from the local network (LAN). This is normal and in cases such as this you would use your local IP address on the local network and your dynamic DNS address from the Internet.

    I spent 4 days trying to get this thing working only to keep seeing my routers information!!!

    Thanks so much!

  31. Greg Innes says:


    If you want to manage your router remotely across the Internet you will have to turn on the remote management feature. You will find that in the remote management page of the settings menu.

    The default management port is 8080.

  32. Nouf says:

    great tutorial.
    thank you very much.

    I have done all the explained steps but I still can't access my Netgear router over the internet.
    though i can access it from my LAN.

    any suggestions?

  33. Greg Innes says:

    I would probably take a look at the dynamic DNS settings first. If you have a Netgear router I would let that handle the dynamic DNS though. Just use the guide above to set it up.

  34. Nigel St George says:

    great site for information. I now have my Dynamic DNS name for my camera but it still will not go through the Netgear router.
    WOuld this be a firewall issue and how can I resolve it.

    Many thanks