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Axis Release the M7001 the Smallest IP Video Encoder with H.264 and PoE

Axis M7001 Compact Network Video Encoder

Today Axis launch the M7001 which is an ultra compact video encoder with PoE and H.264 support.

In the current economic climate it wouldn’t be surprising to us if companies and organisations decide to upgrade their aging analogue CCTV equipment at their own pace, migrating to digital IP in stages rather than purchasing a completely new IP CCTV system all at once.

This is where a device such as the M7001 is useful.  It will allow one existing analogue CCTV camera to be converted for broadcast over IP-based networks (such as a local area network or the Internet).  This provides a cost-effective way of migrating an existing analogue CCTV system to a fully digital IP CCTV system, one step at a time.

Digital Benefits

Of course, with digital IP integration comes digital IP benefits. The Axis M7001 will provide additional features to the analogue camera such as remote access to live images from the camera using any computer/mobile device with Internet access and powerful event management tools which can be set to notify the user of alarm based activity based on built-in video motion detection.

The M7001 also offers H.264 video compression which is fast becoming the standard format of choice for IP CCTV thanks to its efficiency which results in a significant reduction of bandwidth compared to conventional compression formats.

Axis M7001 covert surveillance kit - compact network video encoder with analogue spy camCovert Surveillance Kit

As a bonus Axis has also released a covert surveillance kit which bundles a covert analogue spy camera with the M7001 encoder.  The camera is powered directly from the video encoder and can be placed in discreet locations for discreet monitoring.

More information

Axis M7001 Compact Network Video Encoder

Published on February 12th, 2009 by Greg

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