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Veracity Networking and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Products

We have recently added a range of networking and Power over Ethernet (PoE) products from Veracity to our online offering as we feel they represent good solutions to many networking problems that our customers (and even ourselves) face every day.

Their products are:

Veracity Outreach LAN/PoE ExtenderOutreach LAN/PoE Extender

The Outreach is a small device which can be used to join 2 Ethernet cables (each up to 100m in length) to extend the LAN capability beyond the 100m Ethernet limit.

Using 1 Outreach will allow an Ethernet cable-run up to 200m with no data loss but it’s possible to daisy-chain 2 or more Outreach Extenders to extend a single Ethernet cable run up to 1000m. Not only that, but you can also extend power through the Ethernet cable to power a PoE-enabled device (the maximum distance is dependent on the power levels of the device up to 700m for a Class 1-2 6.5W device).

The Outreach Extender requires no power at its point of installation.  It gets all the power it needs from the Ethernet cable so the Ethernet cable feeding the Outreach has to be injected with power from a PoE midspan. The Outreach Extender is a IEEE802.3af PoE device so can be powered by any PoE midspan which conforms to the IEEE802.3af standard.  However, to get the maximum ranges when daisy-chaining these devices you should use a Veracity Outsource PoE Injector.  This is a PoE Class 0 device providing a little extra power, increasing the range.

Veracity Outreach Extender Topology Diagram
fig 1: Outreach Extenders running from an IEEE802.3af PoE switch providing power to a remote camera 300m over a single Ethernet cable run 

Veracity Outreach Extender Topology Diagram
fig 2: When using a Veracity Outsource PoE Injector after the network switch we can power a PoE device of any power class up to 700m distance

Veracity Outreach Extender Topology Diagram
fig 3: Without a requirement for PoE at the end of the cable run you can use Outreach Extenders to extend an Ethernet cable run to 1000m+

Maximum Ranges

Veracity Outreach table of maximum distances

Vercity Outsource PoE Midspan InjectorOutsource PoE Midspan Injector – 1-port 

The Veracity Outsource is a single-port Class 0 Power over Ethernet Injector.

Conforming to the IEEE802.3af standard, this unit injects power to an Ethernet cable to provide PoE capability to the network link.

Because this is a PoE Class 0 device it can be used to inject power to PoE devices up to 12.95W and when used with an Outreach LAN/PoE Extender can maximise the overall distance of the Ethernet cable run to 700m with PoE (Class 1 3.84W) or up to 1000m without any PoE requirement.

When using Veracity Outreach LAN/PoE extenders it is advised to power them using a Veracity Outsource device.  Doing so will ensure that you gain the maximum power for your PoE-enabled device at the end of the cable run.

Veracity Outbreak PoE ExtenderVeracity Outbreak PoE Splitter 

The Veracity Outbreak PoE Splitter allows non-PoE devices to run using Power over Ethernet.

This allows cameras which are non-PoE compliant to still benefit from the advantages that a PoE installation brings such as the ease of installation and the cost savings of not having to hire electricians to run power cables, time spent on site etc.

This splitter conforms to the PoE IEEE802.3af standard meaning it can be powered from any IEEE802.3af PoE midspan/switch but it should be noted that if an Outreach Extender is to be used in conjunction with this splitter then an Outsource PoE midspan must be used.

Veracity Highwire Ethernet over analogue co-axVeracity Highwire Ethernet over Co-axial cable

Veracity Highwire products are most suited for CCTV installations when migrating from analogue CCTV to digital IP CCTV.

The cost of the cabling on any CCTV job makes up a significant proportion of the overall cost of the system but when using Veracity Highwire you can cut the cost of replacing legacy co-ax video cable with network cable.

Used in pairs, these devices sit on either end of an analogue co-ax cable and allow the transmission of digital IP packets across runs of up to 300m in length.With a high data transmission speed of up to 200mbps these devices are also suitable for running megapixel and multi-camera installations off of one co-axial cable.

Veracity Highwire Ethernet over analogue co-ax - example topology drawing
fig 4: Veracity Highwire running across an analogue co-axial video cable to connect a single megapixel IP camera to the central network hub

Veracity Highwire Ethernet over analogue co-ax - example topology drawing
fig 5: Veracity Highwire running across an analogue co-axial video cable to connect multiple IP cameras to the central network hub

Veracity Highwire Ethernet over analogue co-ax - example topology drawing
fig 6: Veracity Highwire running acting as a network backbone between two hubs on a local network

There are PoE and 4-port models available in the Highwire range

For more information and pricing see:

Veracity Outreach LAN/PoE Extender
Veracity Outsource PoE Midspan Injector
Veracity Outbreak PoE Splitter
Veracity Highwire Ethernet over co-ax

Published on January 26th, 2009 by Greg

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