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How to set hourly archiving in Milestone XProtect Basis+ and XProtect Professional

One of the added features in the lastest version (v6.5) of Milestone’s XProtect Basis+ and XProtect Professional recording software is hourly archiving.

Why do we need hourly archiving?

The reason behind multiple archiving slots is down to the constraints for daily recording which will only allow 600,000 records or 40GB worth of data to be stored per camera, per day. This is normally sufficient for most cameras and uses but due to the increasing popularity of megapixel cameras you can find this limit running out quickly when storing a lot of high-resolution images. If the total amount of data goes beyond 40GB in one day then recording for that camera stops and won’t start again until the images have been archived. This leads to gaps in your archives.

Having multiple archiving slots alleviates this problem. You can now set the software to archive more than once per day and here’s how…

Open the administrator controls by clicking the Administrator Icon which you should find on the desktop.

Once selected it will open up the administrator dialog box similar to the one below:

Milestone XProtect admin home screenshot

Select ‘Archive Setup…’ from the options on the left. This will open up the archive setup dialog box as shown below:

Milestone XProtect archive setup screenshot

If you look at the top right side you will see a control for setting archive times. This is what we’re looking for. Here’s a close-up view:

Milestone XProtect archive times screenshot

As you can see we currently have our archive slot set to midnight. This means at midnight the software will copy all of the current days recordings to the location(s) specified for our archive recordings.

Now let’s add a new time slot. One at midday perhaps…

Simply select the hour by clicking on it in the “Time to add:” option and use the arrow keys on the right to move the time from 0 to 12, like so:

Milestone XProtect archive time of midnight and midday screenshot

Once you are ready, click the add button to add the time to the daily archiving times list.

Now our software will archive our daily recordings twice per day. Once at midnight and then again at midday. You are free to add as many archiving times throughout the day as you want as long as there is over an hour interval between them.

Published on December 8th, 2008 by Greg

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