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Glossary: Outdoor CCTV Surveillance

IP cameras can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations giving you the flexibility to choose the right camera for your needs.

Outdoor IP cameras come in two distinct variations. They can either be suitable for outdoor use with the addition of an external enclosure (such as an Axis 214 or Panasonic BB-HCM580) or they can be placed outdoors with no additional protection (such as a Mobotix M22M-IT-D22 or Panasonic BL-C160).

External enclosures are normally rated against the ingression of solid matter such as dust, dirt etc. and against water penetration (rain, snow etc.). The rating is normally expressed as an IP number and the values attributed will give the overall protection rating of the enclosure. Most housings also come with fans and heaters and are thermostatically controlled to keep a reasonable ambient temperature so the camera view doesn’t steam up with condensation in colder climates.

Cameras which require no additional enclosure benefit from being a lot more compact than traditional CCTV enclosures. This offers discreet outdoor surveillance. They are also much easier to install, normally supporting Power over Ethernet so they can be connected up with a single cable with no need to hire an electrician to run power cables.

Remember, outdoor cameras can also be used for security around the home. There are small, unobtrusive, easy to install cameras which are ideal for monitoring your property, vehicles, garage, entranceways etc. and some even have infrared lights or bright white LEDs to enable you to see better in low-light conditions.

Published on November 25th, 2008 by Greg

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