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Milestone simultaneously releases version 6.5 of their XProtect Professional and XProtect Basis+ recording software

MIlestone XProtect Professional and XProtect Basis+Milestone has just announced the release of version 6.5 of their XProtect Professional and XProtect Basis+ IP video software.

Some of the exciting new features are:

Two-way Audio (XProtect Professional)

Now the XProtect Professional Server is capable of transmitting audio to remote speakers using the Smart Client’s microphone feature.

Optimised Storage and Bandwidth Usage (XProtect Professional)

Bandwidth optimised multi-streaming only opens a single video stream from the camera and is able to split it into 2. One stream for live viewing and one for recording. This allows you to save valuable storage space by reducing the frame rate of recorded video while maintaining a fast, smooth frame rate for live monitoring.

Improved Archiving (XProtect Professional)

Archiving has been improved with hourly archiving which addresses the greater storage needs for megapixel cameras. Dynamic archiving enables spanning across several disks as an alternative to direct assignment of drive and path for each database. Archive retention time can now be set on a per camera basis and a forced archive is possible if the database is close to full.

Megapixel cameras and H.264 support (XProtect Professional and Basis+)

New compression formats are now supported in both XProtect Professional and XProtect Basis+. This sees the introduction of MxPEG (which is a format unique to the Mobotix range of cameras) and H.264, the emerging standard which introduces more efficient compression giving a significant reduction in bandwidth and storage requirements. It also supports the MPEG-4 ASP standard which includes a number of technical features designed to reduce bandwidth.

Multi-lingual XProtect Smart Client Interface (XProtect Professional and Basis+)

New features:

  • Two-way audio ‘press-to-talk’ button (two-way audio not available on Basis+)
  • Controllable carousel windows
  • Start recording by simply right-clicking in a camera view
  • Dynamic actions – assign outputs, PTZ presets, events and views as actions to joystick buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Wash and wipe equipment is now supported for PTZ cameras and be activated from the smart client
  • AVI export with audio automatically included in evidence extraction
  • Digital zoom within images is now a default for fixed cameras to improve viewing details
  • Choose from 17 languages in the Smart Client GUI and help system


We are selling these products right now. For more information see:

Milestone XProtect Professional

Milestone XProtect Basis+

Published on November 25th, 2008 by Greg

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