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Software or NVR for your IP Camera CCTV Recordings?

When you start planning an IP camera CCTV network, no matter how small, and you need to record that footage for playback later as evidence, your have two main options: an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or recording software (software NVR).

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND200 IP CCTV NVR video recorderWe have a range of both from Milestone, Axis, Panasonic and Sony and have just added to our range of NVRs from Panasonic with the inclusion on our store of the Panasonic iPro WJ-ND200 and WJ-ND300 ranges.

The i-Pro Network Disc Recorder range includes:

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND200/120 (16 cameras) – NVR with 120Gb storage space
Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND200/240 (16 cameras) – NVR with 240Gb storage space
Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND300/500 (32 cameras) – NVR with 500Gb storage space
Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND300/1000 (32 cameras) – NVR with 1TB of storage space
Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND300/2000 (32 cameras) – NVR with 2Tb storage space

When designing a CCTV system or network you’re weighing up whether to go down the software route (using a PC or server) or put NVR(s) in place. There is choice in both camps. CCTV Video Recording Software is generally lower cost, therefore you potentially get a quicker return on your investment, but the additional benefits and hassle-saving of NVRs can be significant in the longer term and should not be ignored.

A useful networked CCTV system with IP cameras may be a success or failure on the quality of its recorded video, but the same can also be said for the ease of use and maintenance of the recording system. NVRs can make these tasks simple.

Published on October 17th, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

One Response to “Software or NVR for your IP Camera CCTV Recordings?”

  1. CCTV in chennai says:

    Ya your view point is right, the recording of the clipping is the major thing compared to the duration of running.