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Glossary: CCTV Monitoring Centre

There are numerous means of monitoring your CCTV installation including on-site recording, via email or mobile phone, or using remote access to local recordings on your CCTV recording station. Another way is to have your premises monitored by a professional CCTV Alarm Monitoring Centre.

A CCTV Alarm Management Centre has remote access to your CCTV system and instructions from you on what to do in the event of an alarm, or a breach in your premises’ security. Actions they might perform include logging into your cameras to view and/or record what’s going on, setting off alarms on your premises, activating lighting or calling the Police.

As security system events arise, signals are transmitted to the Monitoring Center and operators view & assess the signalled data then instigate a response as appropriate.

Staff at the CCTV Monitoring Centre are your eyes and ears when you want them to be. They are Remote Operational Assistance for the security of your premises meaning that you don’t need to worry night and day or actively monitor your own CCTV system. The CCTV Monitoring Centre takes care of that for you.

CCTV Monitoring Centres will often work both in a re-active fashion – that is they respond only when an alert is triggered, or a pro-active fashion – periodically checking the security of your premises and the integrity of your IP CCTV system irrespective of alerts. You get to choose how they operate on your behalf.

Security Monitoring Centres are particularly useful in determining which alarm events are genuine and which are not. This aids in deciding when to involve the Police, as most Police forces have clear policies in this area and don’t want to respond to those alerts that are not genuine.

Published on October 1st, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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