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Glossary: Converting Analog CCTV to IP

Most companies with existing CCTV systems will have largely analog cameras and recording devices, probably a tape-based VCR. This is still by far the most common system in use the world over. Analog systems are increasing in obsolescense and lack the flexibilty and cost saving which new-style IP CCTV offers businesses of all sizes.

It is easy these days to convert an analog CCTV system into a hybrid IP CCTV system which offers most, if not all of the benefits, flexibility and scalability a full networked CCTV installation would offer.

To achieve this there are a multitude of video encoding devices available which slot into an analog system and convert the CCTV video feeds into a digital format for recording, playback and even remote monitoring. These IP video servers take a standard, traditional CCTV feed through standard BNC connectors and convert it on-the-fly (in real time) into a digital format compatible with IP recording platforms and internet browsers.

Convertion of an analog system to a networked CCTV system is straightforward and provides many benefits and cost savings including:

  • Remote access to live and recorded images of any location at any time
  • Monitoring of a large number of remote CCTV systems from one central location
  • Add audio listen-in and recording
  • Automation of previously manual tasks such as backups, lighting and alarm activation
  • Significant cost reductions in cabling and overall installation
  • Improved building security
  • Integration with other systems such as alarms and fire systems

Networks and the Internet have dramatically changed the way CCTV systems can operate and by converting an old an analog CCTV system into a network-ready one the security of your business is placed back into your hands giving you the control to enhance it, to build on it and to choose when, where and how you monitor it.

Published on October 1st, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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