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Glossary: Smart Search Tool

Smart search is a tool found in some of the higher-end video recording software applications such as Axis Camera Station and Milestone XProtect and is used in the playback viewer application as a means of searching through previous archived recordings.

It is a tool used for a specific search by analysing motion within a pre-defined area of a chosen camera’s archive material. Any motion it detects within the specified area will be displayed to the user, one event at a time.


This tool is extremely useful for many applications such as reviewing who has been seen near sensitive equipment over a time period, for monitoring entrances/windows, use for health and safety purposes by monitoring staff in location to hazardous areas etc.

An example using Milestone XProtect Professional V6.0.

Example image showing Smart Search function

Using smart search sensitive areas can be selected for monitoring activity. So it can be used to indentify when people are interfering with equipment for example.

Published on August 4th, 2008 by Greg

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