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Glossary: Evidence Export

Most, if not all, security camera recording software or Network Video Recorder (NVR) will these days allow the storage of huge amounts of recorded security footage. It can be a real hassle trawling through weeks of recorded data just to find the interesting event that happened a few days ago, but you can’t remember exactly when.

Of course, all surveillance recording systems have finite storage capacity so you will need some way to extract the footage of any event or security breach for viewing later, for safe keeping and, most importantly, for use as evidence should the matter progress to a court of law.

Any security camera recording system worth its salt will provide the operator or guard with an easy to use, simple mechanism for exporting a segment of footage to a number of different data formats.

Some systems will allow export to completely open formats which can be distributed and played back easily, whilst other systems will export footage to a proprietory format playable only with the player which the system automatically exports with the footage.

Both ways of data export have their advantages and disadvantages, but the key thing is that the data can be extracted and stored separately (and permanently) from the daily recorded footage and used in any criminal proceedings later on. Security camera evidence can be a critical factor in a trial and should be clear, focused and date/timestamped. IP cameras make it easy to achieve security / video surveillance systems which lend themselves extremely well to providing footage to be used as evidence.

Published on July 29th, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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