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Glossary: Image Preset

When using a camera which can physically move, such as a PTZ or dome camera, image presets can be useful.  Image presets allow the camera to save the position that the camera currently occupies so it can be easily returned to the same position at any point.  Different cameras are able to save various amounts of presets.

Presets allow the user to move the camera to a position of interest with one click.  This has the benefit of letting a user see different views quickly, without having to manually pan, tilt and zoom the camera into the correct position.  Another advantage of using presets is that the presets can be named to correspond with the view they point at.  This allows the user to know what they are actually looking at.

Some IP cameras can also be set up to cycle through different presets, this makes it easier for a security camera operator to monitor positions of interest.  Another feature which could be useful for security monitoring is to have the camera automatically take a picture of each of the presets and send it to a server.

Published on July 18th, 2008 by James Drinkwater

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