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Glossary: Intelligent Object Detection (IOD)

Intelligent Object Detection (IOD) is a useful security application found in security network cameras which support intelligent video analytics such as the network cameras from Sony’s range which include the DEPA technology platform. It is an effective feature for detecting objects within a scene and provides an ideal tool for security surveillance and monitoring applications by offering the flexibility of being able to detect objects which have been both left in a scene and objects which have been removed from a scene.

With IOD an IP camera can be configured to trigger an alarm if suspicious objects are left for a certain period of time in public spaces, such as an unattended bag in an airport, illegal parking, stalled or broken down cars on a busy freeway etc. Equally, the same function can be used to ensure valuable items are not removed from a scene such as paintings from an art gallery, exhibits from a museum or goods from a warehouse or business.

This is just one of the uses of Intelligent video analytics we find in IP cameras today and as we continue to see advances made in IP camera technology we can look forward to seeing many more uses to improve the efficiency of our security systems in the future.

Published on July 9th, 2008 by Greg

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