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Glossary: IP Video Analytics

Video analytics, sometimes referred to as embedded or on-board intelligence, is a recent feature addition to a wide range of IP cameras from most of the major manufactures which involves the camera replacing the server in analysing the content of a video stream on-the-fly.

Typically, the software algorithms running on the camera will be looking for data like behaviour patterns, objects in specific locations, license plates, speed and direction of travel and suspicious movement. Applications include people counting, object detection, traffic management, data storage optimization and more.

For example: a camera with built-in intelligence overlooking an airport waiting area sees an object appear but not taken away. It triggers an alert after a period of time to start recording and also sends an alert to have security staff visually check whether the object poses any danger.

Video analytics places the detection intelligence at the camera instead of the server or recording platform and can significantly reduce the bandwith and storage used in an integrated IP security system as the camera will only send data when it detects something of importance.

Published on July 1st, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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