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Glossary: Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS is a service which makes it easier to access networked devices that have an IP address which is constantly changing.  This is done by using an internet address to point to the IP address an IP camera is currently using (e.g. http://Andy.viewnetcam.com).

When accessing IP cameras over the internet, problems often occur when a dynamic IP address is being used.  A dynamic IP will change every so often, meaning using the outdated IP address will no longer allow you to access the IP camera.

This is where a dynamic DNS address comes in handy. Some network cameras can inform a dynamic DNS service about what IP address they are currently using, the dynamic DNS service will then update to point to your newly assigned IP address allowing you to access your IP camera even after the IP has changed.

Two popular dynamic address services are DynDNS and Viewnetcam, the latter being Panasonic’s service for use with their IP cameras.

Published on June 23rd, 2008 by James Drinkwater

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