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How to view your Panasonic IP camera from your mobile phone

Panasonic BL-C131

It’s possibly a little known fact that Panasonic IP cameras come with a dedicated viewer for cell phones and mobile devices. We certainly point this out if someone calls us for advice but I don’t think it’s a feature that Panasonic shout too much about.

So let us shout about it now because we think it’s a great feature which seems to be overlooked all too often.

Static image only

So first off, it’s designed for cell phones so don’t expect 30fps live video, in fact, don’t expect a live view at all as the viewer will only give you a static JPEG.

What’s the use in that? Well, its a live shot taken from the camera the moment you accessed the viewer and gives a good representation about what you camera can see at the exact moment in time. You can also refresh the image using the on-screen option.

This feature can be found in the consumer range of Panasonic video products: BL-C1A, BL-C20A, BL-C111A, BL-C131A, BB-HCM371A, BB-HCM511A, BB-HCM515A, BB-HCM527A, BB-HCM531A, BB-HCM580A, BB-HCM581A.

How do I access the viewer?

Screenshot of Panasonic's dedicated mobile phone viewer

Dedicated viewer for cell phones/mobile devices (Panasonic BL-C111 V3.10R02)

To access the viewer for cell phones and mobile devices use the following address:

http://[IP]/mobile (substitute [IP] for the IP address of your camera, including port number if you have selected a non-standard HTTP port number for the camera)

For extra compatibility you can try the following commands if you find the viewer doesn’t display properly on your mobile device:

http://[IP]/mobileh (for an HTML version)

http://[IP]/mobilex (for an XHTML version)


There’s controls too? Yes. Let’s take a look at them more closely:

We’re using a BL-C111 for this example which is a pan-tilt camera that can be controlled remotely over the Internet.

PTZ controls showing (4)L 2(U) (8)D (6)R (5)Refresh (0)Resolution

Pan/Tilt controls taken from Panasonic BL-C111 (firmware version: 3.10R02)

As you can see from the image above you can press the [4] and [6] keys on your cell to move the camera left and right and the [2] and [8] keys to move the camera up and down. Each movement will also cause the image to refresh.

Hitting the center [5] key will refresh the image without movement.

Finally the [0] key will swap between different resolutions allowing you to select the best resolution to suit your mobile device.

Preset controls showing (1)'UpperLeft' (3)'UpperRight' (7)'LowerLeft' (9)'LowerRight'

Preset controls taken from Panasonic BL-C111 (firmware version: 3.10R02)

You can also select from the first 4 camera presets using the [1], [3], [7] and [9] keys. Once the camera has moved to the designated preset the image will automatically refresh.

Additional options

If you access the viewer from a mobile device using an internet broswer you will also have access to the various links on the page as well giving further controls.

Home position: Will take you back to the home position of your pan-tilt camera

Alarm log: will display the alarm log file showing details of all previous alarm activity

Buffer/Transfer: Allows you to enable or disable triggers in the camera you have previously set, effectively ‘alarming’ your business or property from a remote location using your cell phone or mobile device.

Privacy Mode: You can control the camera’s privacy mode from the mobile viewer. Privacy mode allows you to protect your privacy by hiding the lens inside the camera, preventing camera images from being seen. When privacy mode is activated you will see the following message when you try to access the camera using the viewer:

Panasonic privacy mode control mode screenshot

Select ‘Disable Privacy Mode’ to disable privacy mode and view the live image.


Now you know how to access this useful (and fairly unique) function found in Panasonic IP cameras. If you have any questions or feedback please leave your comments below.

Published on June 19th, 2008 by Greg

34 Responses to “How to view your Panasonic IP camera from your mobile phone”

  1. Ed says:

    HI to all in here. I read all of the concerns on this blog and have been through all the problems.There is one thing i found was the Browsers that you use on your cell phones that is SAFARI ON THE iPHONE 3 OR iPHONE 5 WAS THE BROWSER TO USE FOR PANASONIC CAMERA VIEWING. There is a way to DIRECTLY communicate with out using some body's else s paid service to to view your camera.You can set up the BLC-30 OR A PANASONIC CAMERA TO PRODUCE 3 DIFFERENT IP NUMBERS. I have 4 Panasonic cameras and the software was reconfigured on them to able to see live video streaming back to my Iphone 5. The Internet Explore web browser you have to click on a desktop computer TOOLS THEN COMPATIBILITY VIEW THEN ADD TO SEE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING. FIREFOX YOU MAY HAVE TO ALLOW UNDER EXCEPTIONS IN OPTIONS. You can use the same features that are on your desktop on a Iphone 5 all of them through it back to your BLC-30 IP CAMERA.You can just TAP any side of the Iphone screen to move the camera lens in any direction from the middle of the screen on the iphone. You can tap the camera icon in the window and take a picture or just push both buttons on your iphone to take a picture of what you are viewing at the time.I told Panasonic back in 2009 and they did not seem interested except ask me what model cellphone i was using.I send a video showing proof to anybody that it is possible to do this but cannot show how until i'm paid from Panasonic how this can be made possible.You can be anywhere as long as you have internet services on your Iphone to be able to view the in side of your home through your Iphone.

  2. ed says:

    I have 4 BLC-30 Panasonic ip cameras and i reconfigured the software on all of them and can view live streaming video fro them to my Iphone 5. I had done this back in 2009 before the came out with it in Canada in 2012. Yes Panasonic says also that you can only view a still image on your cell phone this is not true if you know what you are doing. I contacted Panasonic and told them this and wanted to know what kind of Cell phone i was using. I also used a Cell phone that was a Palm Treo but later moved to the Iphone 3 then to the Iphone 5. I also have the Panasonic BLC-30 A that does the same live video streaming. If this site allowed attachments i would of uploaded the video of it both the Iphone 3 and the Iphone 5. If Panasonic was willing to pay me on how i was to do this with their BLC-30 ip cameras i would of shown them. Oh i forced the camera to give 3 IP numbers, the first is LOCAL to set it up, The second is the LIVE IP and the Third is the still Image. If there is any non believers i will send live video of it working on my iphone 5

  3. James Drinkwater says:


    Your PC and your mobile access your camera the same way. If it works for one it should work for the other. It could be down to bandwidth if you're connecting over a 3G connection. Also, are you accessing the "http://x.x.x.x/mobile" page?

  4. mandytje says:

    ik heb een panasonic bl c111

    ik kan hem wel via internet op me pc bekijken

    maar niet op me mobiel:S
    ik heb vanalles geprobeerd

    pfffffff HELP!!!!

    xxx mandy

  5. Sherman says:


    I don't have fixed ip, so I used DDNS service from viewnetcam.com, however, I have to reset the cam once a day in order for me to access it from my cell phone via internet 🙁
    Anyone please give me some solutions to solve it?


  6. upcoming smartphone says:

    I wanted to draft you one tiny note to finally thank you very much the moment again for all the unique tips you've contributed here. It has been quite shockingly generous with people like you to present publicly all that many individuals would've advertised as an ebook to end up making some profit for themselves, specifically since you might well have tried it if you decided. Those ideas likewise served to become a great way to recognize that some people have the identical passion just like my very own to know good deal more with respect to this issue. I am certain there are a lot more pleasant times ahead for folks who find out your blog.

  7. Chuck says:

    I am trying to get my Panasonic Bl-C131A to Email me.
    I can not find anything on your site or the web. Could you point me in the right direction.
    Thanks, for any help you can supply

  8. Greg Innes says:

    Hi Arun,

    Depends on the phone. If your phone has a smart enough browser then you can access the live image using the browser in the normal way. This works on iPhone and Android.

    You won't get sound from your Panasonic camera though as this relies on ActiveX and I don't think any mobile phone browsers support ActiveX at present.

  9. arun prakash.v says:


  10. upob says:

    I am no longer getting a 404 error. I spoke to Panasonic (Live Tech help is quite good)and if you set up port forwarding on your router to a port other than 80 you need to disable port forwarding in the Camera settings under the Internet tab. This is not very intuitive and I never would have figured this out on my own.

    Still one problem though on my Palm Pre. If I click on the resolution control it does not change size. Any ideas ?

  11. upob says:

    I am using a PalmPre mobile phone and I am able to connect to my camera, but when I select any of the controls I get a 404 error…url can not found.

  12. Greg Innes says:


    2 cameras cannot share the same local IP address (home network) but they can share the same public IP address (Internet address).

  13. Greg Innes says:

    @Kirk Muller:

    Try typing '/mobile' after the camera's IP address.

  14. Kirk Muller says:

    I don't have a static IP address. Panasonic BB series camera using Viewnetcam.com. How can I see video with my Sprint Instinct. Considering upgrading phone to Android platform, will that be easier?

  15. fernando says:

    if possible use one ip into two panasonic ip camera

  16. Greg Innes says:


    Can you access your camera from another computer across the Internet? Using a mobile device requires an 'external' connection and not a 'local' connection.

  17. Paul says:

    I have Blackberry Tour (Verizon), and BL-C131
    I tried all the listed options – nothing works
    Just says Gateway timed out while waiting for response from server
    (Cameras work fine from the computer).
    Any ideas? Is there anything I may need to enable in Blackberry or camera set-up?
    Thank you

  18. Burt says:


    Yes I tried both of those options. Made no difference.

    I also tried accessing from a Sony PSP. That too only shows the image and the refresh control.

    I'll have to try it from a friends' phone.

  19. Greg Innes says:

    Hey Burt,

    Have you tried the /mobileh and /mobilex options? maybe there's something your phone's browser doesn't like in the normal /mobile web code?

  20. Burt says:

    Just found this site. I can access my BB-HCM381A with my cell phone (Razr V3, Alltel) but only get the image and '(5)Refresh' control. No other controls show up.

    I can access the camera using my kids' Sony MYLO. On this device all the controls show up and are functional.

    Any thoughts?

  21. raulz says:

    Just tested Safari browser on a couple of panasonic network cameras. I will have to report that the camera operates just about flawlessly on an iPhone. You dont need the /mobile extension just access the camera site directly and the motionjpeg stream is viewable live.

  22. Greg Innes says:

    Hi Monica,
    The address is a 'Local' IP address. This means that it can only be accessed on the local network. A local network is made up from all the network devices which are all connected in your home such as PC's, Laptops, IP cameras and your router.

    Unless you are connecting to the camera through your Blackberry using a wireless connection (not sure if this is possible) you are most likely accessing the camera from the Internet. For that you would need to use the public/external IP address.

    You can find that by visiting the following website from your local network: http://www.mycamip.com

    For further information please read our article on port-forwarding: https://www.networkwebcams.co.uk/blog/2007/10/22/howto-port-forwarding-101/

  23. Monica says:

    Aghhhhh! Cannot get it to work on my BlackBerry Curve. What address are you entering into the address bar?

    I am putting

    Then it just times out!

  24. Rod says:


    Thanks for comment. I found that changing from channel 1 to channel 6 on my router solved problem.

  25. Greg Innes says:

    Is it the camera or router? What address are you using? I suggest to make sure everything is completely stable set your camera on a static IP address (setup tab, network page, static option, save). Also set up Viewnetcam.com (instructions in the setup pages of the camera) for external access. Using a Viewnetcam address from your cell phone should always ensure you are dialling into your router.

  26. Rod Lopez says:

    Have WRT110router and Pansonic BL-c11A going to Blackbery Bold thru Comcast cable. Camera or router must be reset or turned off then back on once a day, since it looses address I guess. What's the problem?



  27. Bill says:

    Follow up to my Feb 16th post. I figured out how to view the camera image when using the cellular network (works fine on my 8820 via WiFi).

    After logging in to the camera, the image shows up as a white box.

    In order to display the image, you must go to Menu and click on "Select Mode" and then go to Menu again and click on "Get Image". Then it will load. Not sure why it requires doing this when using "internet Browser" and not when you use "Hotspot Browser(WIFI)"

    A search on the net indicates you have to enter "Select Mode" to select an image that does not contain a link and the Panasonic camera does not use a link in the page it returns. Perhaps Panasonic can change their embedded web server in the future to eliminate the need to do this each time you pan the camera using a blackberry.

    Note: iPhone browser works fine: don't even need to use the /mobile switch.


  28. Bill says:

    I really like my Panasonic C131A camera but am having problems with viewing the image with my blackberry. I can see the image fine if I use wifi on my 8820 blackberry. When I try viewing it over the cellular network, the mobile website comes up fine but the image is blank. In Wifi mode, the phone uses the "hotspot" browser which is direct to the internet; in cellular network mode, the phone requires that I use the "internet browser" which connects through Blackberry's Internet Service (BIS) servers. I use AT&T for my carrier. I tried my wife's blackberry curve which uses Verizon and have the same problem. I tried enabling all of the browser options but to no avail. Clearly the blackberry server doesn't like something or is stripping off data that is needed. Any suggestions on how to get this to work?


  29. Peter says:

    I am using the BlackBerry Bold. I am not able to view my panasonic 111 cam on my blackberry.
    The error I get is – http error 403 – forbidden

    The protocol specified is not supported by teh handlelh

    Now what do I do. Plase help.


  30. Randee Roberts says:

    I can view the camera on my blackberry once in a while. If I refresh, I get a white box that shows the word image but there is no image. Do you know what causes this? This happens on the mobile viewer and the regular web site.

  31. zumaidi says:

    hi, is there any tools/applications that can make my handphone/mobile be able to view the video streaming of panansonic camera ? I know that with dlink camera it is able to do that.

  32. Kevin Bowyer says:

    Yes, that's the whole point.

  33. Pieter Heine says:

    Hello, I am very interested in this type of product. Especially the software of it. Is is also possible to intergrate it into a network so i can watch it on computer but also cell-phone?

    thanks in regard,

    Pieter Heine