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Glossary: Tamper / Vandal Resistant IP Cameras

Cameras which are defined as tamper or vandal resistant either have software which is designed to detect malicious activity around the camera, or incorporate hardware to prevent access to the physical hardware.

Manufacturers who describe their cameras as tamper proof often use tamper proof screws with their housings to prevent anyone other than the installer having access to the main camera body or lens. The housings are most often flush mounted to walls to prevent people manually pulling the camera from its mount. Vital data and power sockets are hidden within the camera to prevent it being simply unplugged. In addition to this, some cameras come with mechanical anti-tamper sensors inside the housing so that should it be opened the camera will notify you accordingly.

Vandal resistant cameras tend to be a bit more robust, often using rugged metal casings and polycarbonate domes to prevent damage to the camera. Software is also used a lot more to detect vandalism. Panasonic’s i-Pro range of cameras offer Scene Change Detection software which detects whether a camera dome has been spray-painted or covered and will notify you should an attack be detected. Mobotix have even taken this a step further making one model of their cameras bomb and bullet proof.

Published on June 17th, 2008 by James Drinkwater

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