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Glossary: Multi-Camera Monitoring

Multi-camera monitoring is a feature found in some IP cameras which allows multiple cameras to be viewed from a single screen simply by using the software built into the camera. This is ideal for small installations of two or more cameras where a full recording solution is not required.

Cameras which support this option will have a separate configuration screen where the IP addresses for the additional cameras will be added. Once set up, the cameras can be viewed live using the camera’s dedicated multi-camera viewer.

Multi-camera screenshot from a Panasonic BL camera
Example of multi-camera monitoring shown in a Panasonic BL-C111/131 using full-screen mode.

The number of cameras supported by this feature is dependent on the model of camera but typically this will be around 12-16 cameras shown in groups, rather than all at once.

Some camera ranges which feature this are Panasonic consumer ranges and all IQeye models.

Published on June 12th, 2008 by Greg

2 Responses to “Glossary: Multi-Camera Monitoring”

  1. greg says:

    There is a HTTP API command which will display a static image on a mobile device using an Internet browser. (I have tested using an iPod Touch). Being a static image is good for mobile viewing as it doesn't retain a constant (expensive) Internet connection but it does mean you will have to refresh it manually.

  2. john marcus says:

    does anyone know how to view the image from the snc-rz25c on a pda or blackberry etc ???