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How to get email images from your Sony IP camera when motion is detected

A useful security feature found in every Sony IP camera is the ability to have live snapshot images sent to your email address when the camera detects motion. This is ideal for monitoring your business or property and provides you evidence from potential intruders which remains safe and in your possession even if the camera is discovered.

This guide will explain in step-by-step fashion the process of configuring the camera to send an email when it detects movement.

We have based this guide on the Sony SNC-P5 but this should be relevant to most IP cameras in the Sony range.

We will assume that your camera is configured and you can access it from the local network.

Step 1 – Configure email settings

Log into the camera and click the ‘Setting’ button to enter the camera’s settings. Ensure you have selected ‘advanced mode’ by clicking the ‘advanced mode’ button at the top right hand side of the page. You should then be presented with the setup menu similar to the one shown below:

Sony settings menu

To add your email details to the camera, click on the ‘e-Mail (SMTP)’ button in the left hand menu. This will show the following screen:

Sony email settings page - email off

To add your email details to the camera, check the box marked ‘On’. Further options will open below allowing you to input the data:

Sony email settings page - email on options

  • SMTP server name: Enter your SMTP server address (up to 64 chars) or the IP address of your SMTP server
  • Authentication: Select ‘Off’ if no authentication is required. Select ‘On’ if authentication is necessary and choose from either ‘SMTP Authentication’ or ‘POP before SMTP authentication’
  • Recipient e-Mail address: Enter the address where you wish the email to be sent (up to 64 chars). You can send the email to up to 3 different addresses simultaneously
  • Administrator e-Mail address: Enter an adminstrator email address (up to 64 chars). This address is used for reply mail and sending system messages from the SMTP server
  • Subject: Type in a suitable subject line for your email. Note that the letters ‘MD’ (which stand for motion detection) will be added to the subject line. Other alarm triggers such as external sensors will be given their own using letters for easy identification of email
  • Message: Enter a suitable message from the cameara (up to 384 chars)

Step 2 – Set the camera to email an image when it detects motion

Now that your email settings are stored in the camera you will next have to set the action in the camera which will send the images whenever motion is detected.

Staying in the same page as before click the ‘Alarm Sending’ tab at the top of the page.

Check the box marked ‘On’ to open the alarm sending options. The options will open below as shown in the screen:

Sony alarm settings page

  • File attachment: ‘On’ if you want an image file attached to the email, ‘Off’ if you only want the camera to send a text-based email notification
  • Image filename: Base filename for the image file (max 10 alphanumeric chars including ‘-‘ hyphen and ‘_’ underscore)
  • Suffix: Select a suffix to add to the filename. None, date/time stamp or a number
  • Alarm: Select ‘Motion detection’ to have the camera email when it detects motion. Sensor input options are for external sensor devices
  • Effective period: Select always or limit your event to a timed schedule


And that’s all there is to it. Check your inbox for your images coming in and adjust image settings and motion detection sensitivity to your requirements.

Published on June 12th, 2008 by Greg

10 Responses to “How to get email images from your Sony IP camera when motion is detected”

  1. carl fuller says:

    Same problem snc-rz30n firmware 3.14 also please add snc tools ,privacy masker,and the other programs that most snc series support after all there nearly 2 grand each when i paid for mine and ip program is it ….poorly thought sony

  2. Michael says:


    i own three RZ50 and at both i got the error message
    "unexcpected error occurred during smtp operation"
    when i click on "mail" in the main window of the cameras
    have anybody an idea what is going on here.?

    all settings are correct in the smpt and trigger setting section
    i can send and receive mails with Outlook 2007 without any problems

    best regards and merry xmas from here

  3. Flavio H says:


    I have a same issue with SNC-RZ30N.

    Sony's support fix this issue, please.

  4. Ron G says:

    SMTP is NOT useable since authentication (password) is required by ISPs now and my SNC-RZ30N at firmware level 3.14 does not allow for a password as indicated in the previous instructions.If this capability was there, it's gone now…………..

  5. Jeff L says:

    Does anyone have a contact with Sony to raise the SMTP port issue? They upgraded the firmware in the SNC-RX550 to allow port changes, but not the SNC-RZ50.

  6. Jeff L says:

    The SNC-RZ50N does not support SMTP ports other than the default 25. I use 3 mail services and none of them use the default port. Sony needs to add support for specifying the SMTP port number.

  7. Greg Innes says:

    I don't quite follow. Are you having the camera send images by FTP on a periodical basis?

    The above guide shows how to set up motion detection transfer to an email account. I would double check your motion detection sensitivity as this doesn't appear to be working.

  8. Henry Narsing says:

    Thanks Greg,

    Another observation. I have been receiving from my rz50n all scheduled reporting with pics from the cam but none were related to motion detection which latter feature seems non-functioning. Any comments? I can see reaction in the camera set up but get no detection response via email.
    Much appreciation for your assistance

  9. Greg Innes says:

    Hi Henry.

    I think this is down to the email providers using SSL encrypted SMTP although I'm no expert when it comes to AOL.

    I'm going to have a chat with Sony to see if it's possible for the SNC-RZ50N to use SSL encryption SMTP but I don't think either of those email systems will work. I'll see if I can get a work-around for you.

  10. Henry N Narsing says:

    I use a sns-rz50n camera wirelessly with a linksys wrt150n router; my emails are through AOL and Gmail. These servers work well with regular emails but I am not receiving test emails from my camera. I can connect to my cam on the web.Could the problem be one of these?:-
    1. This camera cannot or does not use these servers, or
    2. Time Warner Cable that I use in NY, blocks them, or
    3. My router

    Any thoughts? I would appreciate a response as my home was burglarised, vandalised and interfered with in Aiken, SC several times, and those were before the economic downturn. Thanks

    Henry N N