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View your Y-cam wirelessly from a computer without using a router (Adhoc connection)

Y-cam Black

This very simple guide will allow you to configure your Y-cam so that it can be accessed wirelessly from a wireless laptop or computer, without the need for a wireless router.

Adhoc Mode

This connection is known as an “Adhoc” connection which is essentially a way for wireless devices to communicate directly with each other without going through a wireless router.

This guide is suitable for Y-cam White and Y-cam Black.

For this guide we will assume that you are fairly familiar with setting IP addresses in your computer and Y-cam and that the camera has been reset back to default settings. It may also be a good idea to back up your camera configuration and take a note of your current settings before you start so you can change them back when required.

Without the presence of a router there is no way you can use DHCP to allocate IP addresses automatically for each of your devices. This then, needs to be done manually…

Step 1 – Assigning IP address details to your computer (Windows XP)

Open your Control Panel and select “Network Connections”.

Right click on the icon representing your wireless connection and click “Properties”.

In the dialog box select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” then click the “Properties” button.

In the Internet Protocol dialog box click the button “Use the following IP address:”. This will open up some boxes for you to input information.

  • In the “IP address” box, type the number:
  • In the “Subnet mask” box, type the number:
  • In the “Default gateway” box, type the number:

You can leave the DNS settings blank, those are only needed for the Internet.

Click “Ok” to apply the new settings to your computer.

Step 2 – Connecting to the Y-cam

  1. Power up the Y-cam
  2. Once the Y-cam is powered up search for wireless devices from your computer.
  3. You should see a wireless network with the SSID “ycam”. Select this to connect to the camera.
  4. Once successfully connected open a browser and type the Y-cam’s default IP address of to access your live images.


That’s all there is to it. You can now access your live images wirelessly from your computer or laptop without the need for a wireless router.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far does the wireless signal travel?
The manufacturer informed us that the wireless signal has been tested to 30m through 3 brick walls with no drop-out.

I can see the SSID “ycam” but when I connect to it I cannot access my camera
Ensure that the wireless connection you are using from your computer is in the same subnet range as the camera. If you use the IP address details in the above guide and reset your camera back to factory defaults then it should work fine.

Published on April 11th, 2008 by Greg

One Response to “View your Y-cam wirelessly from a computer without using a router (Adhoc connection)”

  1. Deepers says:

    My ycam black-s (ycb004) is not broadcasting an SSID. I've tried several wireless clients (2 laptops, 3 smartphones) and none of them can see an SSID named "ycam" (and yes, my camera is set to Adhoc mode with the default SSID and no security).