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Network Webcams wins Axis Growth Award 2007

Frank Crouwel accepts award from Lora Wilson and Steve Gorski of Axis

Network Webcams has won the Best Growth Award from Axis, the global market leader in network video.

The award was announced at the Axis UK & Ireland Partner Conference in January 2008.

Frank Crouwel, managing director, Network Webcams, commented on the award:

Axis cameras have generated 90 per cent sales growth last year as compared with 2006, whilst other network camera brands achieved growth rates nearer 20 per cent. Axis now benefits from such a wide range of network cameras that they meet most customers’ needs.

Mr Crouwel commented on the Axis UK and Ireland partner event:

It was a very informative day in which we all benefited from a unique view into 2008 with Axis UK. Axis has a great team in the UK and we have benefited a great deal from working alongside them over the years. It is good to see that the explosion in demand for network video is now generating such fantastic growth for Network Webcams, Axis and the industry as a whole in the UK.

Axis logoWe would like to say well done to all staff, and thank you to all our customers for helping us achieve this award.

Published on January 30th, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

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