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What’s New in Panasonic’s BB-HNP15 Network Camera Recorder Software?

BB-HNP15 ScreenshotPanasonic have recently released their BB-HNP15 (update: now replaced by BB-HNP17) Network Camera Recorder software. This will be sold alongside their BB-HNP11 version. So what are the key differences?

Well, the software is aimed at those who have recently purchased any of the new Panasonic network camera models such as the BL-C111, BL-C131, BB-HCM511, BB-HCM531, BB-HCM515, BB-HCM580 or the BB-HCM581. Let’s look at the key additions in the latest version of the software:

MPEG-4 Recording

BB-HNP15 software supports recording in both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 modes (when using a MPEG-4 supported camera). Choose MPEG-4 for recording at faster frame-rates resulting in smoother motion or Motion JPEG for higher quality images.

Higher Resolutions

BB-HNP15 software supports higher resolutions. It supports 5 distinct resolutions from 160×120 pixels up to 1.3 megapixel resolution 1280×1024 pixels.

Versatile Export Options

BB-HNP15 software has a wide range of export options from moving video which can be played back easily in Windows Media Player to still image files and you can even export audio only.

Enhanced Recording Functions

You can add exlusion zones when configuring motion detection. This allows areas of the image to be masked from any detection calculations therefore reducing the amount of false detections, increasing accuracy.

Graphical Display of Recorded Images

Recorded images can be displayed in list form and graphical list form making it easy and convenient to retrieve and play back recorded images.

Full Screen Mode

BB-HNP15 software supports a full screen mode which enlarges the view to the size of the monitor. Traditional viewing is also supported using a windowed view, with title, menu and tool bar.

Sequential Display Function

When monitoring multiple cameras the displayed image can be automatically rotated at a specified time interval allowing you to check all locations regularly and thoroughly.

Important Points to Note

It certainly seems that the software has been designed for use with their new camera models which support MPEG-4 and megapixel resolutions but there are some key points to note if you are considering upgrading.

  • There is no upgrade path from BB-HNP11. Meaning that you will have to purchase the software again with no discount for having purchased the previous version.
  • Images that have been recorded with BB-HNP11 will not be able to be viewed using BB-HNP15 software.
  • You cannot use any digital zoom within the software, the digital zoom in supported cameras will not be supported in the BB-HNP15 software.
  • When recording in VGA mode using a BB-HCM381 your picture quality may be reduced. Scan lines appear around moving objects.
  • Depending on your PC performance you may find the image display to be slightly slower than images monitored with the previous BB-HNP11 software or via the web browser.

Trial Version

Panasonic have informed me that there is currently no publically available free trial of the software.

They did say that it will ship with their new camera models but I cannot confirm this. The new models we have tested all came with HNP11 software. I have asked Panasonic for confirmation about which camera models and when.

As soon as I have any information about where you can get a trial version I will post it here on Vision:ON.

Published on August 31st, 2007 by Greg

7 Responses to “What’s New in Panasonic’s BB-HNP15 Network Camera Recorder Software?”

  1. Bill says:

    Can you tell me if the BB-HCM735 is supported with this software?

  2. Nguyen Thanh Long says:

    i want software HNP15

  3. Greg says:

    I've checked with Panasonic and they didn't seem to think there would be any compatibility problems purchasing the BB-HNP15 software from the UK. Contact our sales team for more information at [email protected] or by calling +44 151 633 2111.

    You will probably have a trial version of BB-HNP11 software on the discs that came with your cameras. These allow only 1 camera to be installed and won't take full advantage of the faster frame-rates of your new cameras.

    When you purchase the full version of HNP15 you can monitor and record up to 64 cameras at a time and take advantage of all the new features found in the BL-C111 and BL-C131 cameras.

  4. Vlad says:

    looks like non of the US stores has this software, so is there a chance you can ship to US (NY)? We’ve already invented UPS here, so it shouldn’t be a big issue, right? 🙂
    Basically I have networked 2 BL-C131A and one BL-C111A via BB-HGW700, was wondering if I’ll be able to record from all three at the same time? Since there is no trial version – no way to find out.

  5. Greg says:

    Hi Bish,

    We are still in discussion with Panasonic over a trial version of their HNP15 software. It seems that the availability of this is due to MPEG-4 being a licensed technology and that complicated matters but as soon as we know anything we'll post about it here.

  6. bish ashleigh says:

    I would be pleased if someone would advise me when and if the trial software becomes available. The cost of software that is similar in price to the camera is certainly not an incentive to buy the camera in the first place. It is way too expensive.