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What is a Video Server?

Video Servers, also known as video encoders, are useful devices.

What they can do is simple. The can transform your existing analogue CCTV cameras into powerful network IP cameras by digitizing the analogue video stream to send digital images over an IP network such as a LAN or the Internet.

Watch your existing cameras over the internet!

This allows the viewer to watch live feeds from their existing cameras using a regular Internet browser, on the network or even across the Internet!

The benefits don’t stop there though… Simultaneous viewing of your video streams can be enjoyed by those accessing the video server from different locations, and even Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras are supported and can be controlled remotely by those who are authorized to do so.

Advanced Features

Because the existing analogue cameras are now digitally controlled through the video server they now have many more advanced features. Motion detection and event triggering for example will notify the owner that the camera has detected movement and send an alert accordingly, ideal if you want to monitor your office, shop, manufacturing line or many other areas which require discrete monitoring.

Go Digital!

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are many benefits to adding a video server to your existing CCTV system, and if you have the cameras already, a cost effective solution for an IP based network camera solution.

Look at some of the video servers we have in stock right now for more information:

Axis brand video encoders
Panasonic brand video encoders

Published on March 30th, 2007 by Greg

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