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Why sticking with the major IP camera manufacturers makes good sense

We are often asked why we only stock network camera products from the big boys: namely Axis, Panasonic and Sony. The reasons, for us, are simple and clear: reliability.

Any business knows that the less you spend on a job, the more you make and within the security industry this has driven a worrying trend. Cheap surveillance equipment is available from many supplies and new IP cameras are being developed thick and fast by manufacturers all over the globe, but predominantly China and East Asia. Some people choose to buy two cheap units of every component rather than a single high quality device* in the hope that if one fails prematurely, the second one replaces it thereby doubling the service lifetime! Nuts, I know, but it’s common. It looks like a saving, but once all things are considered the message is clear.

When a cheap product has not been engineered with reliability in mind, what then was the motivation behind its development and what other corners might the manufacturer have cut in its quest for ‘value’? To make as quick a profit as possible and hang the end user.

We see beyond the invoice and consider what best benefits our customers, whether they be simply purchasing a camera from us, commissioning a large-scale security system or renting webcam hosting. Why buy two when one will do?

A failure in the field means costs are incurred for the customer and for the supplier; replacements, configuration, installation time, travel to site, additional security cover, the costs go on. Using the most reliable equipment we can ensure our costs are low over the life of a job, but more importantly, our customers know that they are getting the best equipment for the job, backed up by a healthy support network should anything go wrong. This peace of mind helps us to stay on top of things and our customers ultimately benefit directly in performance as well as cost.
Quality equipment, sourced from reputable manufacturers will save you money and provide you with a superior system built to do the job you intend of it.

* Source: Benchmark

Published on March 5th, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

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