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How to set up scheduled FTP events in your Axis 207 network camera

February 27th, 2007 by Greg

From the setup pages in your Axis 207 camera you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s only capable of sending images by email based on motion detection, but can it send a constant stream of images to a server using FTP? Well, yes it can, it’s just a little trickier to achieve but we are here to help.

Let’s get started.

Our example will help you configure an Axis 207W to continuously send 1 image per second to an FTP server, the image being continuously overwritten.

This guide will be suitable for the following Axis Network cameras:

  • Axis 207
  • Axis 207W
  • Axis 207MW

It may also work with the Axis 206, however this is untested.

Note that this will also work for all Axis cameras above the Axis 207 but they have the facility to configure scheduled FTP events through the built-in web pages.

Before you start you may like to delete all previously configured events in the camera so the Events, Servers and Actions all have the same identifiers as our example below.

Step 1 – Adding an FTP server

  • Log in to your camera and enter the ‘Setup‘ pages. Choose ‘System Options >> Advanced >> Plain Config‘.
  • Select ‘Event Servers‘ from the drop down box.
  • Click ‘Add FTP Eventserver‘. This should give you a new FTP server titled F0.

Now, enter your server details in the form and save. You can see an example image below. Of course, you will have to populate the fields with your own server details.


Step 2 – Adding an Event

  • Log in to your camera and enter the ‘Setup‘ pages. Choose ‘System Options >> Advanced >> Plain Config‘.
  • Select ‘Event‘ from the drop down box.
  • Click ‘Add Event Type‘ button. This should give you an event titled E0.

A lot of the values will already be populated. Match the values as shown in the image below for the correct configuration (although the name is not important), and save.


Step 3 – Adding an action to the event

The event won’t work without an action and unfortunately there is no way to add an action using the web pages. We need to put a command directly into the camera using the API (Application Programming Interface).

To add an action enter the following line in your browser’s address bar:

http://[camera IP]/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=add&group=Event.E0.Actions&template=ftpaction

Where [camera IP] is the address of the camera and E0 represents the newly created event in Step 2.

You should recieve the message “A0 OK” if successful.

Now go back to the event as in Step 2 and you will notice that action A0 has been added to the bottom.

See the image below for the correct values to enter for the action.


That’s all there is to it. Now restart the camera and keep an eye on your FTP server to see your image.

If you have any comments or questions about this guide please leave them below and we will do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

111 Responses to “How to set up scheduled FTP events in your Axis 207 network camera”

  1. Thomas says:

    Thank you Greg, it works great!

    Now I have two new questions if it’s ok.
    First, is it possible to view the status of an event parameter? For example, is it possible to check if an event is enabled or disabled and display the result somewhere?

    Second, is it possible to change an event parameter without beeing an administrator? At the moment I have two links on the live view page to turn an event on or off, but I have to log in as an administrator to use it. I would like viewers to be able to do it too. I use this to set the parameter: http://[IP-adress]/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&Event.E1.Enabled=yes

    Thanks again! 🙂

  2. daniel says:

    Hi, I’m trying to upgrade my axis 206 ip camera but no firmware seems to works, it’s shows me this:
    Preparing system for upgrade …
    Entering run level 4 …
    Waiting for processes to be stopped in runlevel 4 …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    … waiting …
    In run level 4.
    Stopping remaining processes.
    sending TERM signal …
    All processes stopped.
    The file system will be upgraded after reboot.
    Unmounting file system /var …
    Unmounting file system /mnt/flash …
    File systems successfully shut down.
    Receiving new firmware …
    Wrong HWID! The uploaded firmware cannot run on this hardware.
    The system upgrade failed.
    The unit will now reboot.
    To continue, please connect to the unit again.
    There may be a short delay before the new connection is accepted.
    This connection will now close.

    I was uploaded three firmwares availables but nothing and ACS can’t add the camera.

    Any tip?

  3. Giancarlo says:

    I want simply say “Thanks” for this HowTo guide!
    much better than the Axis support!

  4. M. Houry says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I have the same problem as you, you found a solution yet for it??

    Wrong HWID! The uploaded firmware cannot run on this hardware

  5. Greg says:

    @Daniel, @M.Houry:

    The first thing that comes to mind from that message is that you are using incompatible firmware for the model of camera you have?

    My advice would be to ask the question over at the Axis helpdesk. You’ll find that on Axis.com

  6. Chris Murphy says:


    I just recently got a 207-MW. I am interested in setting up an event to email images when motion is detected, but I think all web mail servers (gmail, for example) require SSL, right?

    Test messages are not received by my gmail account when I use the smtp address. Is there a way to get around the SSL issue to be able to email? I thought about running an SMTP server on my Windows XP PC, but that’s a little complex.

    Also, is email the best way to accomplish this, or should I try the FTP or http/web server options under the Axis settings?

    Thanks for any help!

  7. Greg says:


    Web mail servers which require SSL connections won’t work with any Axis camera I’m afraid but most email accounts which are offered by your ISP should not require SSL. Try that.

    Otherwise yes, using FTP is another way of getting around this problem.

  8. amelia says:

    Hi Greg, I actually bought the 207w and it really has the option to create a folder (it’s running fw 4.44.2), but when I set the folder option to %y-%m-%d the camera creates the folder but it doesnt upload any image to it (or to any folder on my server). Do you have access to a 207w to test this option of creating a folder and saving images on it?

  9. Evert says:

    Id did enter the line http://[camera IP]/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=add&group=Event.E0.Actions&template=ftpaction

    two times extra and it came back with a A1 OK and A2 OK. I see the camera did add two extra events A1 and A2.
    But how can I remove these two events A1 and A2. What command line do I have to use?

  10. Lars says:


    Great guide – I used it on a 207w a year ago, and it has been working like a dream. However, I am currently working with yet another 207w, and this time i cannot get it working… The problem is that the image never gets uploaded to the ftp server. Except for a time out notice in the log, I find no errors. I tested ftp settings, which returned a success message. I tried adding several identical events, but it did not help. I tried altering the settings a little bit, but that didn’t work either. IS there another way (scripting) to do this, or a way to fix this?

    NB: when I tested the FTP connection settings, a test file was successfully uploaded, so it appears something is wrong with the event.


  11. Jan says:

    Hello, I want to ask.. “max sequence number” means that when camera achieved sending frxmpl. 10000 frames, than starts to rewriting oldest pictures (like FIFO)? thanks a lot.