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Archive for 2007

How to do a factory reset your Panasonic BL-C1/20

December 12th, 2007 by Greg

Panasonic BL-C20 Factory Reset Aperture

This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Panasonic BL-C1 or BL-C20 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect.

This guide will be suitable for the following cameras:


How to do a factory reset of Axis 206/7 IP cameras

December 12th, 2007 by Greg

This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Axis 206/7 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect.

This guide will be suitable for the following cameras:

  • Axis 206
  • Axis 207
  • Axis 207W
  • Axis 207MW


Axis 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

November 22nd, 2007 by Greg

3 Year Warranty

Axis 3-year warranty sealDid you know that almost all of the Axis cameras and network video products we sell through our online store come with a three year warranty? This covers all Axis network video products with the exception of their entry-level models, the Axis 206 and Axis 207(W/MW). These come with a one year warranty.

This increase in warranty came into affect from the 15th March 2007 and applies to purchases made from 1st January 2007.

Axis specializes in professional, network video solutions and this extended warranty coverage—which is provided at no additional cost to our customers—strengthens the value of our offering to the professional market. The new warranty provides end users, systems integrators and resellers with secure, trouble-free ownership and better control of total costs.Anders Laurin, Axis’ executive vice president of corporate strategy.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of purchase. If you have any problem with an Axis camera you purchased from Network Webcams then just contact us on 0151 633 2111 and we will facilitate its return on your behalf at no cost.

More details

Axis three year warranty

Axis three year warranty – press release 15.3.2007

Warranty Information (PDF 37.5KB)

How to register your Panasonic IP camera with Viewnetcam.com dynamic DNS service

November 21st, 2007 by Greg

Panasonic Viewnetcam.com

Whenever a router is connected to the Internet it receives what is known as a public IP address. This is your identifier on the internet and is unique all over the world. However, internet service providers (ISPs) only have a set number of IP addresses which they can give to their customers. Because of this most ISPs will rotate their customers’ IP address each time they connect or reconnect to the internet, or as sometimes is the case, whenever they feel like it!

This can be a problem whenever you set up a camera using a domestic level broadband account. A fitting analogy would be to consider your home telephone number changing whenever BT felt like it. How would you be able to call home if you didn’t know your number?

There are however ways to combat this. You can often liaise with your ISP to secure yourself a static IP address, meaning your public IP address will never change, but you will often pay extra for this service.

The other alternative is to set up a dynamic DNS account. In order for this to operate a piece of software has to be set up on your router, camera or a local PC. This software periodically sends an update to the Dynamic DNS service to renew your IP address, keeping it current. It also has an added benefit of giving a meaningful name to your camera instead of an IP address making it easier to remember and will keep your camera connected to the Internet at all times, even if you change your ISP!

Many camera/router manufacturers support this feature in their devices. This article will look at how this is configured in a Panasonic camera using their free Dynamic DNS service: Viewnetcam.com.


How to install and configure IQrecorder in your IQeye IP camera

November 20th, 2007 by Greg

There is additional software which can be added to all which provides an embedded recording solution without the need to install further client software on your PC. The software is called and we will show you how simple it is to install and configure.

In this HOWTO guide we will show you how to store your recordings to an FTP server as this will work for all camera models. Note though that some models contain a Compact Flash slot and you can configure your recordings to be stored on a removable Compact Flash card in place of an FTP server. Read more >>

How to set up your Panasonic Camera on your Wireless Network

October 22nd, 2007 by Greg


Having a wireless IP camera is great. It allows you to place it practically anywhere in your home where there is a spare power supply. This is ideal for home security when you want to keep the camera as discreet, and unseen as possible.

But, if you’re having trouble setting up your camera to work wirelessly then it can sometimes be a thorn in your side. Not to worry though, we are at hand to make the whole process much easier and you’ll find that using the following guide means you can have your camera set up in a matter of minutes.


Port-Forwarding 101

October 22nd, 2007 by Greg

One of the many benefits of IP cameras is their ability to act independently of a PC. Being a standalone device you simply plug it into a broadband enabled router or switch and with a bit of work you can access your camera’s video footage and administrator pages from anywhere in the world. It is not uncommon for people to use cameras to keep an eye on their home, elderly relatives, driveways or even pets and they can do so from work, from holiday or even from another country, but external access made available through port forwarding is also necessary at larger scales.

Here at Network Webcams Tech HQ we find that most people run into a basic snag which prevents them from being able to access their camera over the Internet – by default, if you try and gain access to your home network from anywhere on the internet you will find that the firewall in your router will block that incoming access. This is great for your everyday security but not so great when you want to view your camera. ‘Port-Forwarding’ is rarely, if ever, enabled by default.

In this article I will explain just what that means and point out the things to consider when setting up your IP camera for remote Internet access. Read more >>

How to set up external access to your camera using a Netgear DG834 router

October 15th, 2007 by Greg

Setting up remote access to your IP Camera from anywhere on the Internet is one of the many benefits of IP Cameras, but sometimes this doesn’t go smoothly when you have to start fiddling with routing, firewalls and port numbers.

Luckily, we are on hand to provide information about how this is done on the majority of common routers we use today. Let’s start by looking at the Netgear DG834.


Mobotix IP Cameras Now Available at www.networkwebcams.com

September 25th, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

Mobotix IP camera M22M-SEC-D22The Mobotix range of IP cameras is now available to buy through our online store at www.networkwebcams.com.

The range so far includes:

  • Mobotix M22-IT-D22 Indoor or Outdoor IP video camera
  • Mobotix M22-SEC-D43 1.3 Megapixel Indoor or Outdoor IP security camera
  • Mobotix M22-SEC-D22 1.3 megapixel Indoor or Outdoor IP camera
  • Mobotix M12D-SEC-DNIGHT 1.3 Megapixel dual lens day/night IP camera
  • Mobotix M12D-SEC-D22 day and night .13MP dual lens IP surveillance camera

All Mobotix cameras come with PoE built in and can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Mobotix network cameras are certified to IP 65 and are designed for outdoor as well as indoor usage. Since power over network wiring will also work in winter, and with the Mobotix range no t demanding power-hungry heating, Mobotix cameras will work reliably even at temperatures as low as -30°C.

You can try out a live demo of the Mobotix M22-SEC-D22 Megapixel IP camera by calling us on 0151 633 2111.

Mobotix cameras make highly configurable and great quality webcams and are also supported in the Streamdays Webcam Hosting service.

More information about Mobotix.

Technical evaluations, IP camera How To guidess and more Mobotix tips to follow.

Panasonic BB-HNP15 Trial Software. Still No Sign.

September 7th, 2007 by Greg

We’ve been in discussion with Panasonic over the last week trying to gather some information about whether or not the latest version of their Network Camera Recorder software, BB-HNP15 will be available to ‘try before you buy’.

Here is an update of what we know so far:

  • Panasonic will be offering both versions (the other verion in BB-HNP11) side-by-side. Therefore BB-HNP15 does not actually replace the previous version, instead it offers support for the new features found in their latest camera models.
  • Panasonic have informed us that they cannot currently offer a free trial of the BB-HNP15 software from their website due to licensing issues connected to the MPEG-4 license agreement.
  • Panasonic have also told us that trial versions of BB-HNP15 will be shipping with the appropriate models of camera by the end of the year. The models supported will be their domestic BL and BB ranges excluding the BL-C1 and BL-C20. Until then these cameras will still ship with a free 1-camera license of BB-HNP11. The downside is that this trial version will be a single camera version but contain watermarks on all recorded images stating it is for demo purposes only. To fully utilise the new software means having to purchase the licensed version, even if you only have one camera. BB-HNP11 software will still continue to be available for download from the Panasonic website but this won’t contain any of the additional features such as MPEG-4 or megapixel recording.

We think this is messy and inconsistent, and unfortunately may lead to confusion and customer upset. We would like to see our customers being able to benefit from the new functionality of the trial software if they have purchased a camera with these available features, just like they can with the existing HNP11 software.

We will continue post any updates as soon as we have new information.

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