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Archive for 2007

Axis M3004-V IP camera Axis M3004-V HD 720p
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Happy Christmas and New Year From Network Webcams

December 22nd, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

2007 has been a breakthrough year for us and we’d like to thank all of our customers for your continuing support.

You’ll know that this year has seen us launch new Streamdays Webcam Hosting services including a true video streaming system we concisely call StreamdaysTRUESTREAM. We launched a portal website for our Streamdays customers at www.streamdays.com and a dedicated website for our RemoteManager construction webcam service and have gone from strength to strength in our online IP cameras sales for home and business security.

One of our primary motivators for the year was to increase the number of ways we can support and inform our loyal customer base and we launched this blog and our IP camera support forum in order to do this. Both have been successful and we hope we can further improve our technical support and customer service in 2008. Telephone and email will still be the main ways we support you, but these other options mean you can also receive support from other customers and users.

The team here has grown too. We’ve recently welcomed new staff in both sales and technical and judging by our recent Christmas night out they’ve settled in rather well!

We’ve got some good things planned for 2008 and we’re working hard on these in the hope that the early part of 2008 will be another memorable period in the history of Network Webcams Ltd.

As always, we welcome any questions about our company and our services and look forward to providing you with IP cameras for many happy new years to come!

HOWTO: Factory Reset your Panasonic BL-C1/20

December 12th, 2007 by Greg

Panasonic BL-C20 Factory Reset ApertureThis is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Panasonic BL-C1 or BL-C20 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect.

This guide will be suitable for the following cameras:


HOWTO: Factory Reset Axis 206/7 IP Cameras

December 12th, 2007 by Greg

This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Axis 206/7 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect.

This guide will be suitable for the following cameras:


New Streamdays Webcam Hosting Packages Launched

November 30th, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

Network Webcams Limited are proud to announce the launch of four new Streamdays Webcam Hosting products. Each Streamdays variant fulfils different requirements in a webcam system, but all offer hassle free, off-the-shelf webcam hosting.

These variants are as follows:

StreamdaysDIRECT – Simple and reliable business-class webcam hosting.

StreamdaysRELAY – High capacity webcam hosting for busy and popular websites.

StreamdaysTRUESTREAM – Streaming video webcams with unique features.

StreamdaysFREE – a free viewer with the same features as StreamdaysDIRECT, but without a guaranteed service level and suitable for anyone with a supported IP camera.

Compare the four Streamdays packages and decide which is best for you or your business:


Golden Compass Film Premiere Webcam

November 27th, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

The long-awaited first film in the His Dark Materials saga premieres tonight at the Odeon Cinema Leicester Square. Our Streamdays customer Radisson Hotels have a webcam perfectly located to allow you to follow the red carpet action as it happens.

Check out the Leicester Square Film Premiere webcam here >>

Axis 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

November 22nd, 2007 by Greg

3 Year Warranty

Axis 3-year warranty sealDid you know that almost all of the Axis cameras and network video products we sell through our online store come with a three year warranty? This covers all Axis network video products with the exception of their entry-level models, the Axis 206 and Axis 207(W/MW). These come with a one year warranty.

This increase in warranty came into affect from the 15th March 2007 and applies to purchases made from 1st January 2007.

Axis specializes in professional, network video solutions and this extended warranty coverage—which is provided at no additional cost to our customers—strengthens the value of our offering to the professional market. The new warranty provides end users, systems integrators and resellers with secure, trouble-free ownership and better control of total costs.Anders Laurin, Axis’ executive vice president of corporate strategy.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of purchase. If you have any problem with an Axis camera you purchased from Network Webcams then just contact us on 0151 633 2111 and we will facilitate its return on your behalf at no cost.

More details

Axis three year warranty

Axis three year warranty – press release 15.3.2007

Warranty Information (PDF 37.5KB)

HOWTO: Register your Panasonic IP Camera with Viewnetcam.com Dynamic DNS Service

November 21st, 2007 by Greg

Panasonic Viewnetcam.com

Whenever a router is connected to the Internet it receives what is known as a public IP address. This is your identifier on the internet and is unique all over the world. However, internet service providers (ISPs) only have a set number of IP addresses which they can give to their customers. Because of this most ISPs will rotate their customers’ IP address each time they connect or reconnect to the internet, or as sometimes is the case, whenever they feel like it!

This can be a problem whenever you set up a camera using a domestic level broadband account. A fitting analogy would be to consider your home telephone number changing whenever BT felt like it. How would you be able to call home if you didn’t know your number?

There are however ways to combat this. You can often liaise with your ISP to secure yourself a static IP address, meaning your public IP address will never change, but you will often pay extra for this service.

The other alternative is to set up a dynamic DNS account. In order for this to operate a piece of software has to be set up on your router, camera or a local PC. This software periodically sends an update to the Dynamic DNS service to renew your IP address, keeping it current. It also has an added benefit of giving a meaningful name to your camera instead of an IP address making it easier to remember and will keep your camera connected to the Internet at all times, even if you change your ISP!

Many camera/router manufacturers support this feature in their devices. This article will look at how this is configured in a Panasonic camera using their free Dynamic DNS service: Viewnetcam.com.


HOWTO: Install and Configure IQrecorder in your IQeye IP Camera

November 20th, 2007 by Greg

There is additional software which can be added to all IQeye cameras which provides an embedded recording solution without the need to install further client software on your PC. The software is called IQrecorder and we will show you how simple it is to install and configure.

In this HOWTO guide we will show you how to store your recordings to an FTP server as this will work for all camera models. Note though that some models contain a Compact Flash slot and you can configure your recordings to be stored on a removable Compact Flash card in place of an FTP server. Read more >>

New Website Launched to Promote the RemoteManager Construction Webcam Service

November 16th, 2007 by Kevin Bowyer

Screenshot from www.remotemanager.co.ukToday sees the launch of www.remotemanager.co.uk a dedicated website for the RemoteManager product from Network Webcams Ltd.

RemoteManager is a turnkey webcam system for construction projects offering, primarily, progress monitoring, image archiving and time-lapse movies and project promotion.

The RemoteManager system is a combination of high quality cameras and communications hardware installed on a site plus a user-friendly web interface that provides access to the functions of the system online. Its operation is delivered as a managed , hosted service, ensuring maximum reliability and system support.

RemoteManager is currently used by some of the UKs largest construction companies such as Land Securities, British Land, Bovis, Birse, Jacobs Babtie and more.

View a live demo of RemoteManager.

For more information about RemoteManager or for a quotation for your construction project call 0151 633 2111.

IQeye Sentinel Series – For a Single Cable Outdoor Installation

November 13th, 2007 by Greg

IQeye Sentinel SeriesWe have recently launched the new IQeye Sentinel Series of IP cameras. This series provides an integrated camera and housing solution which is all-weather, IP66 rated and suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. They are packed with features and range from 1.3 to 5.0 megapixel resolution but the best feature lies with its ease of installation…

Single Cable Installation

IQInvision have built their Sentinel Series to work entirely using PoE. This means that a single ethernet cable run to the camera, mounted indoors or outdoors, can provide power to the camera and housing while still passing the data/images from the camera to your network.

This makes installation cheaper and easier and opens up a host of opportunities for where you can place your cameras.

IQeye Sentinel Series

  • Powered only using PoE including camera and housing (alternative power options can be also used, if required)
  • All-weather IP66 rated body
  • Resolutions range from 1.3MP to 5.0MP for superior image quality
  • Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom for discreet monitoring with no moving parts
  • Simultaneous high resolution and low bandwidth streams allow remote viewing of live video while recording crisp megapixel images
  • Available in automatic switching day/night mode

For more information:

IQ811 Sentinel 1.3MP IP camera Digital PTZ PoE 1280×1024
IQ802 Sentinel 2.0MP IP camera Digital PTZ PoE 1600×1200
IQ803 Sentinel 3.1MP IP camera Digital PTZ PoE 2048×1536
IQ805 Sentinel 5.0MP IP camera Digital PTZ PoE 2560×1920
IQ852 Sentinel 2.0MP IP camera Digital PTZ D/N PoE 1600×1200
IQ853 Sentinel 3.1MP IP camera Digital PTZ D/N PoE 2048×1536

IQ855 Sentinel 5.0MP IP camera Digital PTZ D/N PoE 2560×1920

We have one in for testing so expect a full evaluation very soon.

Please leave any feedback or comments you may have below.