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Mobotix S15M discreet IP camera with 6MP Moonlight technology, outdoor ready and hemispheric 180 view [MX-S15]

Mobotix S15M discreet IP camera with 6MP Moonlight technology, outdoor ready and hemispheric 180 view
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Overview of the Mobotix S15M

The Mobotix S15M is ideal for 'hidden' installation behind, for example, ceiling or wall panels or inside objects with only the minute sensor lens and ring showing.

With the sensor ring being available in white or black this camera can be concealed within most interiors or outdoor environments, often used around door entrances. The S15M-SEC incorporates on-board video recording (using a micro-SD card) as well as intelligent video analytics technology for reliable and accurate alarm detection. Featuring a high resolution 6 megapixel image sensor and a very wide angle lens this compact, robust camera provides a hemipheric 180 view offering full area coverage with just a single camera. A Mobotix installation offers a complete, de-centralised video monitoring system that is economical on bandwidth and does not require the deployment of an expensive recording server, whilst full system scalability and NAS recording capability make Mobotix cameras suitable for installations of any size, from stand-alone camera operation to large installations with hundreds of cameras.

The 6 megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, combined with Lowlight Exposure Optimization (MxLeo) technology and backlight compensation provides improved low light sensitivity with reduced motion blur and image noise, producing crisp, high resolution 6 megapixel video at 20 frames per second. The Mobotix S15M IP camera is available with either a colour sensor or monochrome sensor (selectable from above drop-down menu) with low light performance down to 0.013 lux in colour or 0.0025 in black and white (at 1/1 s). The useful digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) function allows the user to zoom in on a specific area of interest or set the camera to automatically run a through sequence of desired views, whilst the recorded footage always encompasses the full scene, ensuring nothing will be missed and video evidence is gathered at all times. With a built-in microphone, the camera also supports lip-sync video-audio recording.

Further usability is provided by the on-board, advanced Mobotix MxActivitySensor intelligent video capability, which out-of-the box (i.e. without time-consuming configuration and adjustments) can 'learn' the scene and over time is able to distinguish between noise elements (such as for example shading, moving blinds or curtains or lights being switched on/off) and activity caused by humans or cars. This smart piece of on-board software delivers highly accurate alert detection, significantly reducing false alarms, which not only removes a lot of nuisance but also significantly saves on storage space since undesirable footage from false alarms no longer will be recorded (not in large amounts anyway). With all the video analytics processing and recording of footage taking place on the core unit ifself (at the edge), no bandwidth is used for these functions to take place, contrary to the constant flow of data that takes place when using a server-based (central) video management system. In addition to on-camera video storage, recording can also take place directly from the camera to a NAS, making a Mobotix system cost-effective when scaling up

Using a Mobotix camera system is easy through the freely downloadable MXControlCenter video management software, suited to larger installations, or the freely available MXEasy software, which has been designed for smaller CCTV installations up to 16 cameras. Both MxControlCenter and MxEasy are a client software that make system management easy and user-friendly, whilst the processor intensive tasks and video recording is carried out by software (including MxActivitySensor and MXLeo) on the cameras, meaning that both MXControlCenter and MXEasy only require a standard PC to run from. MXEasy is also available for MAC and Linux. Mobile access with a number of handy features is available for iOS using the Mobotix App, making Mobotix one of the easier to use solutions for traveling managers and business owners.

PoE capable, the installation of a Mobotix S15M network camera requires just an Ethernet cable which will provide data as well as power. The camera is IP-65 rated and can be used inside or outside, operable in temperatures down to -30C and as high as +50C.

Please note:This camera does not come with a power supply. Please select a PoE midspan from above drop-down menu if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Compact, robust camera unit that allows for concealed or hidden installation and provides a hemispheric 180 view to cover large areas with just a single camera
  • 6 megapixel sensor modules producing high-quality, clear and detailed video at 20 frames per second
  • Mobotix MxLEO (Lowlight Exposure Optimization) enhances low light performance and sharpness with reduced motion blur and image noise by using the unused pixels on the 6 megapixel sensor to improve light capture
  • Mobotix MxActivitySensor intelligent video motion detection built into the camera can 'learn' a scene and reduces false alarms, increasing accuracy and reliability of alarm triggers, whilst also saving on storage space
  • De-centralised system with video processing and recording taking place on the camera (at the edge), reducing bandwidth usage and negating the need for a high specification recording server
  • MxControlCenter and MxEasy management software included free of charge, only requiring a basic PC to run on. No need to invest in additional video management software or expensive server infrastructure. Software updates are free of charge.
  • Mac and Linux compatible when using MxEasy management software, suitable for systems up to 16 cameras
  • Mobotix App available for mobile access from iOS devices, featuring a multi-camera view and access to live and recorded video footage
  • Suitable for any system size, from one stand-alone camera operation to enterprise-level installation incorporating tens or hundreds of cameras
  • Digital PTZ enables effective area coverage with close-up viewing of an area of interest in high detail, whilst full scene is recorded at any time to prevent activity from being missed
  • 4 modes of compression provide flexible bandwidth and storage management (MxPEG, M-JPEG, JPEG and H.264 (SIP only)
  • 4GB MicroSD card included and pre-installed (higher capacity storage cards available - please select from above drop down menu)
  • Choice of colour sensor of monochrome sensor offering further improved low light performance for monitoring at night (please select from above drop-down menu)
  • IP65-rated allowing indoor as well as outdoor installation
  • No moving parts or heaters: reducing power consumption, increasing durability and lowering maintenance costs
  • PoE supports reduces installation time and costs

Typical applications

Applications that require a 'hidden' camera to be installed for non-visible CCTV monitoring, ideal for covering large rooms, reception areas or hotel lobbies offering wall-to-wall 180 coverage. IP65 rated the camera can also be installed in a concealed manner in outdoor locations, such as for example in and around building entrances or door entries.

Compatible recording platforms



  • Your chosen sensor (daytime colour or night-time black and white - please select from above drop-down)
  • 4GB Micro-SD card fitted (can be replaced by larger capacity cards, please select from above drop-down if required)
  • Fixing kit including fixings and fixing tools
  • Patch lead
  • Manual
  • MxEasy video management software for systems including up to 16 cameras (no license fees - free upgrades)
  • MxControlCenter video management software for larger systems (no license fees - free upgrades)

Key technical features for Mobotix S15M

Environment:indoor and outdoor
Type:fixed view hemispheric camera for concealed installation
Sensor:6 megapixel 1/2" CMOS sensor, progressive scan
Lens:180 hemispheric fixed lens
Audio:integrated microphone, lip-synchronous audio, audio recording
Power:Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af): PoE class variable depending on operating mode
Memory:not given
Compatibility:direct camera access: all browsers supported; MxEasy video management software: Windows, Mac, Linux; MxControlCenter video management software: Windows only; mobile access: Mobotix app for iOS
Resolution:maximum 2048 x 1536 (3.1 megapixel)
Compression:MxPEG, M-JPEG, JPEG, H.264 (only Video-VoIP)
Frame-rate:max frame rate using MxPEG: 30fps in VGA, 30fps in 1 megapixel, 20fps in 3 megapixel; max frame rate using M-JPEG: 30fps in VGA, 10fps in 1 megapixel, 4fps in 3 megapixel
Bandwidth control:configurable streams
Day/night:no IR cut filter. Colour images or monochrome images only (depending on sensor selected (please choose from above drop-down menu)
Minimum illumination:colour sensor: 0.25 lux at 1/60 s, 0.013 lux at 1/1 s, black and white (monochrome) sensor: 0.05 lux at 1/60 s, 0.0025 lux at 1/1 s
Video overlay:date, time, camera name, temperature, logo
Imaging:MxLeo (Lowlight Exposure Optimisation), backlight compensation, automatic white balance, image distortion correction (including panorama image correction)
Viewing, detection & recording
Privacy masking:yes
Number of users:not given
External alarm inputs and outputsMiniUSB port; RS-232 using MX-232-IO-BOX (optional)
Alarm detection:MxActivitySensor intelligent video analytics, multiple-window configuration, external input, audio (via built-in mic), shock detection (anti-tamper), temperature sensor
Alarm action:notification over email, FTP, IP telephony (VoIP, SIP), visual/acoustic alarm, pre- and post- alarm images
Pre-/post-alarm buffer:yes, 50 images
On-camera recording:yes, 4GB Micro-SD card fitted (higher capacity storage cards supported and available, please select from above drop-down menu)
Recording software included:MxEasy video management software for systems up to 16 cameras; MxControlCentre video management software for systems of any size
Power:Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af): PoE class variable depending on operating mode
Network:Ethernet 10/100 with PoE
Card slot:Micro-SD
Other:MiniUSB, MxBus, audio (IO), RS-232 with MX-232-IO-BOX (optional)
Dimensions:W x H x D (mm): 115 x 125 x 33
Weight:0.5g (net)
Colour:core module is white, sensor lens ring white / black selectable (from above drop-down)
Warranty:2 years
Mounting methods:multitude of mounting options including behind wall or ceiling panels and within objects
Operating temperatures:IP65 (DIN EN 60529), -30° to + 60° (-22°F to +140°F)
Power consumption:4.5W typical
Protocols supported:N/A
Security:user/group management, HTTPS/SSL, IP address filter, IEEE 802.1x, intrusion detection, digital image signature
ONVIF compliant:N/A

Documentation for Mobotix S15M

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