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Product video: Does the Mobotix M26’s features live up to expectations?

November 24th, 2017 by Nathan Mount

new demo video for the Mobotix M26 IP camera

To highlight the broad range of IP cameras we offer at Network Webcams; our latest product video showcases the feature-set of an IP camera from a manufacturer who has pioneered the decentralised approach to IP CCTV – Mobotix. The M26 Allround IP camera is part of the latest Mx6 Series and is available in both day and night versions, with a wide selection of lenses available. When the Mx6 Series was first announced we were excited to see what was included in this new range. After learning what new and interesting features Mobotix had introduced, we decided to put a unit to the test see how it performed.

The Mobotix M26 Allround IP camera makes use of its powerful dual core processor to deliver high-quality video footage with much improved frame rates when compared to its M25 predecessor – capturing 6 megapixel images at 12 frames per second (fps), or HD 720p at up to 42 fps. A large range of lenses are available, ranging from a fisheye lens that provides panoramic overviews, through to an 8° super-tele lens which is ideal for long distance surveillance requirements. All lenses are available in both day or night versions, giving you complete flexibility when choosing the most suitable lens to meet your viewing requirements.


The Mobotix Mx6 Series: An intelligent, powerful and flexible IP camera system

July 20th, 2017 by Bethanne Pugh

Mobotix Mx6 Series now available at Network Webcams

Following the announcement of their new Mx6 Series, we have been intrigued to see just what Mobotix has included in their latest ‘powerful’ and high-performance range. Initially, nine outdoor-ready units were released earlier this year and now the launch of four new indoor models finally completes the Mx6 Series.

At first glance, the Mx6 range looks almost identical to its Mx5 predecessors, and this indeed seems to be the case – in physical terms. The range includes both outdoor-ready dual lens models, as well as indoor and outdoor single lens variants – all of which feature Mobotix’s renowned decentralised system design.

However, Mobotix state that all innovations to the series have been carried out ‘under the hood’ – to the cameras’ mainboard and software. With this in mind, we thought it was time to take a closer look at what’s new in the Mobotix Mx6 Series.


How can you make your CCTV system greener?

June 8th, 2017 by Nathan Mount

Helpful tips on making your CCTV system greener

In a recent blog we explored how easy it was to find the green credentials of the major IP camera brands we supply, in an aim to see “how green your IP camera really is”. It’s clear that most manufacturers are continuously looking at ways that they can be “greener” – from the materials they use through to their transportation options, but the end-user can make a difference too.

Recognising the impact your CCTV system can have on the environment is a challenge for everyone, but it’s worth remembering the additional benefit of reducing the energy consumption of your video surveillance system is a potential saving for your organisation.


How Green is your IP Camera?

May 24th, 2017 by Nathan Mount

How Green is your IP Camera?Taking responsibility for the impact on the environment is a 21st century challenge for all businesses. For some organisations, green credentials are an important consideration when purchasing any equipment they use.

How do the IP camera brands we supply at Network Webcams compare when looking at their environmental responsibility policies? To see how green your IP camera is, we researched 8 manufacturers to see how easily we could discover their stance on the environment. Do they highlight their goals and commitments to being more energy efficient? How are they reducing their carbon footprint or minimising the materials used in their products? How do they reduce waste?


Behavioural analytics now available in Mobotix hemispheric ceiling cameras

June 22nd, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Example of Mobotix behavioural analytics U-turn eventMobotix has now made behavioural analytics available to monitor specific human and vehicular patterns of movement. Once configured, the camera can count objects or people moving in a defined corridor and the user can be notified of several different events including “Duration of stay”, “U-turn”, “Opposite direction” and “Speed”.

All Mobotix cameras have built-in analytics and although these new behavioural analytics form part of the MX Analytics suite, these new tools are only available with the c25, Q25 and S15M. This is because they’re most effective when deployed using a panoramic, top-down field of view and that typically means being mounted in a ceiling.


Mobotix IP camera overview videos

April 7th, 2016 by Bethanne Pugh

Mobotix product overview videosFollowing a great response to our first batch of IP camera overviews, we have now expanded our video playlist to include a range of Mobotix models.

Mobotix pioneered the decentralised approach to IP video, producing high-quality cameras with built-in software and storage. With years of experience supplying and installing Mobotix cameras, we’ve seen these versatile units being used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

The Mobotix range of IP cameras includes some innovative designs and to make it easier for customers to find the right model to suit their needs, we’ve set out to include aspects of each camera that aren’t often covered in other product videos.


Mobotix v25 indoor dome IP camera coming soon

March 29th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Mobotix v25The Mobotix v25 is the latest addition to the German manufacturer’s range of indoor IP cameras. This new model is a classic dome design and is available in a black or white housing. It’s made primarily for ceiling mounting but an optional wall mounting kit opens up options for siting the unit.

The new v25 has a feature-set that’s in keeping with the specification common to all current Mobotix units – 6MP Moonlight Technology, built-in video analytics and motion detection, no moving parts, high quality components and edge recording. Mobotix have also added manual pan/tilt adjustment for the lens (between 0° and 90°) and an optional vandalism protection kit.


Mobotix thermal imaging and MxActivity Sensor provide optimal detection solution

April 17th, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

Mobotix M15D-Thermal cameraMuch has been said about how good thermal cameras are for detection purposes, particularly when it comes to perimeter protection or monitoring large sites at night.

However, it only works well and is worth spending the money if the analytics software processing the thermal image is powerful (or intelligent) enough to detect activity and separate false alerts (noise) from real alarms that require action.


The new generation of Mobotix cameras

February 27th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

mobotix-blogTalked about since summer last year the next generation of Mobotix IP cameras is finally here and available. Not having seen any real improvements from Mobotix since the introduction of the benchmark setting 14 and 24 camera series in 2009 / 2010  we felt Mobotix was falling behind somewhat in recent years. But it was worth the wait. The new generation of Mobotix cameras is a big leap forward and puts Mobotix right back into it.  So what makes Mobotix an attractive solution again?


Mobotix further improves low light performance with MxLEO

November 22nd, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

With the latest release of the MOBOTIX camera firmware comes MxLEO, their further advancements to improve low light performance within the MOBOTIX multi-megapixel camera range. MxLEO was demonstrated to us at the Mobotix International Partner Conference that took place in Germany earlier this week.

MxLEO example image showing performance with and without MxLEO activated