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Y-cam Black SD to launch soon with SD memory card slot for on-camera image and video recording

August 4th, 2009 by Greg

Y-cam Black SD to launch at end of August. A Y-cam Black with SD memory card recording capability

We have recently learned from Y-cam that they have plans to launch a new version of the Y-cam Black at the end of the month. This new model will be called the Y-cam Black SD and feature an Micro SD memory card slot for on-camera recording.

The Y-cam Black SD will contain a new menu called ‘SD Functions’ to allow the management of SD card features. We are told that this menu will only appear when an SD card is inserted into the camera. The menu gives access to 4 different recording methods, a playback browser and a utility to format the SD card.


You can record images to the SD card in a number of different ways:

Record on Alarm: This is used for video motion detection (VMD) recording. When motion is detected by the camera it will store video to the SD card. This can be set to record always or based on a schedule.

Snapshot on Alarm: This option will allow you to save JPEG image snapshots to the SD card based on a motion detection trigger. This can be set to always record or record based on a schedule.

Continuous Record: You can also continously record video to the SD memory card. The camera will record video in chunks of a configurable length (between 10 secs and 24 hours). Again, the recording of continuous video can be set to record always or based on a schedule.

Snapshot at Interval: This mode enables periodic transfer of JPEG images to the SD memory card. This allows you to configure the camera to save an image to the card at set intervals (min. 1 image every 200msec to 1 image every 24 hours). This can also be scheduled in the camera or set to always record.


The images and video stored on the SD card can be directly accessed through the camera. In the ‘SD Functions’ menu you can access a page called ‘Browse SD Card’.

Y-cam Black SD browse recordings screen

This browser shows all recordings made to the SD card, separated by recording type. To access the recording you simply click on the recording you wish to view. If the recording is a static image it will automatically display the image using your default image browser on your computer. If the recording is a video file it will play automatically using Windows Media Player.

Alternatively you can view your recordings by directly accessing the SD memory card in a computer, mobile phone or other compatible device.


The Y-cam Black SD will support Micro SD memory cards up to a capacity of 8GB. Once the card is full the camera will continue to record by deleting the old files ensuring it always contains the latest recordings


We have been told the first SD compatible camera will be the Y-cam Black SD and will launch at the end of this month. The Y-cam White and the Y-cam Knight will follow.

The Y-cam Black

The Y-cam Black is a compact IP security camera for use around the home or your small/medium-sized business. Features include remote access from any computer with an Internet connection or from a mobile phone or portable device, night vision monitoring using 30 integrated infrared LEDs which allows the camera to see up to 15m in complete darkness, wireless connectivity to IEEE802.11b/g and 1-way surveillance audio so you can not only see but hear noises from the scene.

For more information:

Y-cam Black compact wireless IP security camera

8 Responses to “Y-cam Black SD to launch soon with SD memory card slot for on-camera image and video recording”

  1. OldManChild says:

    What does it take to enable the camera to supports SD Cards with capacities up to 32GB or 64GB?
    Why stop at only 8GB?

  2. IPFuture says:

    I guess you can’t please everyone in this world! 8Gb is good enough for most applications. Also the fact that “Once the card is full the camera will continue to record by deleting the old files ensuring it always contains the latest recordings” is very handy.

    When will it be in stock and what is the card size that the cameras will be shipped with?

  3. Greg says:

    I’ve had no new updates about the launch. I’m expecting them pretty soon.

    And I’m not sure if it will come with an SD card, most IP cameras with SD support don’t. We’ll find out more once we get our hands on one.

  4. Steve says:

    If it works as well as the two Y-Cams I have (that is not very well) and has the same non-existent tech support, it won’t matter if it takes a 1TB card 🙂

    I have oe of the Y-Cam black models (the one they tell you later has crappy colour rendering and flaky IR illumination) in a location with an old TrendNet 100. The TrendNet has never gone off network where the Y-Cam needs rebooting about once a week.

    Y-Cam support in the UK amounts to an unhelpful e-mail response ten days after a query.

    Avoid Y-Cam

  5. Kevin says:

    Re your Y-cam support comment, usually the vendor you purchase the camera from will handle support, not the manufacturer.

    In our case we can always give you a faster response and better support – that’s what we do for our customers. If you bought the thing from us call our support team and we’ll sort it out for you.

    Re the Y-cam Black colour reproduction – you are referring to its operation in daylight conditions which it is not (currently; it has no infrared cut filter) designed to give optimum quality in. Our evaluation from when the camera was new explains why http://www.networkwebcams.co.uk/blog/2007/10/12/on-test-y-cam-black/

  6. What’s the availability of the Y-cam Black SD in the United States? I’m starting to see this camera advertised on-line in the UK, and wondered when you will start carrying it Stateside? Also, any news on whether Y-cam tweaked the daylight color reproduction with the advent of the Y-cam Black SD? Cheers!

    P.S. Very impressed with the detailed installation notes you provide on-line… More than anything, it’s this support that convinces me to buy from you vs. the competition.

  7. Greg says:


    Although we haven’t added the Y-cam Black SD to our US store yet we can get one out to you if you want to place an order (call us on 1-888-813-CAMS). It will take a few days for delivery.

    The Y-cam Black SD will be added to our store very soon.

    Regarding your question about the color reproduction, unfortunately no, you will get the same image quality as the Y-cam Black (or Y-cam Knight).

    The reason for this is the Y-cam Black SD is designed for night vision use and is sensitive to infrared light. The problem is that it also picks up infrared light during the day which sometimes affects the color reproduction. There is no way around that but careful postioning can yeild better results.

    More expensive high-end cameras which are described as ‘True Day/Night’ have an automatic removable filter (IR-cut filter) which covers the sensor eliminating infrared light during the day. It’s something which is not economically viable for the Y-cam Black SD as it would probably double the cost of the camera. The Y-cam White has a permanent IR-cut filter and as such will produce natural color images through the day but won’t be able to detect infrared light at night at all.

  8. Greg says:


    With the latest release of firmware (4.08 launched yesterday) the Y-cam Black SD, Y-cam White SD and Y-cam Knight SD will feature full Mac compatibility using Quicktime for video with audio and Flash for motion detection set up. It will also allow videos to be sent via FTP.

    This firmware is only available for SD models.

    Release notes: http://www.y-cam.com/firmwares/y-cam-firmware-release-notes-4.08.pdf

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