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The rise of the Webcam Directory

May 4th, 2007 by Frank Crouwel

There are thousands of tourist attractions throughout the world, but the vast majority of people will never physically see most of them. The cost of travelling to different countries in search of these historic gems is simply too expensive for most people and with increasing concerns about global warming and remaining carbon neutral, many people are cutting back on international travel.

For others it becomes a lifelong quest and the do not think twice about packing a bag and heading to Canada to witness the full force of Niagara Falls for themselves. Whilst you might be more concerned about saving the planet than scouring it for the view of a lifetime, you too can travel the globe in search of these great locations without racking up the air miles, depositing greenhouse gases right where they do the most damage, or breaking the bank.

The increasing popularity of IP camera technology and the availability of fast broadband services has helped to create the Webcam Directory. These resources are fast becoming a place to view and experience some of the most stunning landscapes this planet has to offer. From Eilean Donan Castle on the west coast of Scotland, to the Pyramids at Giza. It is possible now to “travel the world over” in the space of a few hours. Morocco, India, Washington, Brazil, Jordan, New Zealand, are all just a few clicks away.

Sites, such as streamdays.com are becoming a serious resource for people to view and travel the world, check the weather, stay ‘in touch’ with previous holiday destinations and more. IP cameras are even controllable, you can pan, tilt, zoom and really connect with the surroundings. Even if you are planning to visit a foreign country this year, you can familiarise yourself before you go by viewing one of the many webcams on the Internet. Rest assured that whatever remote location you will visit, there will already be a webcam streaming live video to the Internet.

There are many webcam directories. Here are just a few:

Webcam World

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